Boris Dzhingarov
How do SEO companies minimise budget expenses?

The truth is, any type of marketing is more expensive than what you perceive it to be. We are faced with this belief that SEO should be cheap since the work is not all that difficult - completely incorrect! In reality, it is complicated, takes a lot of knowledge and you'll need to dig deep into your pocket.

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 1 day ago

Nicole Biondi
Six lessons in storytelling

Storytelling as an art form is ancient, part of what makes us human. As the world shifts to all things digital, our storytelling has adapted, but remains an effective tool for marketing and building brands. For tourism professionals, storytelling can be incorporated all the time as a means of reaching visitors and potential visitors. Here are some pointers for creating productive narratives:

By Nicole Biondi 2 days ago

Winning team from New Generation 2015.
#YouthMonth: Awarding campaigns that win the New Generation's heart

Marketing automation. The ROI of a tweet. Campaign gamification. If this sounds like some form of 'Gen-Z Greek' to you, you're not ready for the New Generation Social & Digital Media Awards.

By Leigh Andrews 3 days ago