News24 2016 Matric Results Hub smashes 2015 stats
News24 2016 Matric Results Hub smashes 2015 stats

The National Senior Certificate matric results were released nationally from 5 January and millions of anxious matriculants used News24's Matric Results Hub to find out how they did.

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Project Rise: Challenging the status quo
Project Rise: Challenging the status quo

News24, in partnership with the Nelson Mandela Foundation, is proud to announce the launch of Project Rise - a new online platform dedicated to facilitating a nationwide debate on what South Africa should look like post-#FeesMustFall.

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Greg Mason
Effective Measure on the future of SA's digital advertising landscape

Greg Mason took on the reigns as regional lead for sub-Saharan Africa at Effective Measure on 3 January. With two weeks in the role under his belt, I checked in to find out his plans over the coming months as well as a few digital and programmatic trends to expect from 2017.

By Leigh Andrews 3 days ago

Being brave and controversial in your content marketing

Content marketing differs from traditional PR in that it is educational and informative entertainment – but importantly, it is entertainment.

By Chemory Gunko 13 Jan 2017

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What is happening to Western democracy, and is it all the media's fault?

It is a massive understatement to say that it is an interesting time for Western democracy.

By Jim Egan 12 Jan 2017

New Facebook project aims to fight the spread of 'fake news'

WASHINGTON: Facebook announced Wednesday the creation of a Journalism Project aimed at fostering "a healthy news ecosystem" and curbing the spread of fake news.

12 Jan 2017