Ad Talent Salary Survey 2013
Ad Talent Salary Survey 2013

The Ad Talent Salary Survey 2013 was compiled using figures of actual placements made by Ad Talent, as well as salary information obtained from all candidates interviewed by Ad Talent's consultants from January 2012 to December 2012.

Issued by Ad Talent 10 Jan 2013

We need to get South Africa working
We need to get South Africa working

We need to urgently shift our focus from the notion of jobs; and shift it to the concept of work... "The unemployment rate in South Africa is a crisis and should be declared a state of emergency," says Ronald Bownes, founding director of DreamWorker - a non-profit organisation. The recent Census places unemployment at 29.8% while some believe the expanded definition to be closer to 40%, writes *Chiara Baumann.

9 Jan 2013

Most Popular lists for 2012 for Bizcommunity Marketing & Media SA
Most Popular lists for 2012 for Bizcommunity Marketing & Media SA

Here they are, Bizcommunity.com Marketing & Media South Africa's 2012 lists of most popular articles, those that drew the most comment, our most-read contributors, our most-visited galleries - and the ads from the Ornico Ad Showcase that got you voting.

Issued by Bizcommunity.com 4 Jan 2013

Johan Botes
Top 10 New Year's resolutions for employers

Here are some resolutions for 2013 for you that you, as an employer, may well find useful. Get them right now - and avoid any unpleasant surprises during the year.

By Johan Botes 31 Dec 2012

Aiden Choles
Giving change a boost with the power of narrative

The discipline of change management is in a crisis that threatens to reduce the appeal of change management projects in the minds of managers. Even though business leaders understand that change management is needed and that it's a fundamental aspect of running a successful business, disappointment levels continue to rise. The reason being that change management efforts often fall short of expectations.

By Aiden Choles 21 Dec 2012

Don't cry for the Old Bag
Don't cry for the Old Bag

She's dead, and we are not sad. For far too long the ever-present portfolio bag has been stultifying creative endeavour and boring prospective employers with its flat, black, uniform format - even extending its death grip to digital platforms.

By Carmen Schaefer and Dr Carla Enslin 10 Dec 2012

Habib tagged as 'preferred candidate' for Wits
Habib tagged as 'preferred candidate' for Wits

University of Johannesburg deputy vice-chancellor Adam Habib has emerged as the top candidate for the position of vice-chancellor at the University of the Witwatersrand. Incumbent Loyiso Nongxa, is to leave the post in May, after a 10-year stint.

8 Dec 2012

Peter Redelinghuys
Why success always starts with failure

In 2002, FORTUNE magazine ran a cover story on why companies fail. It mentioned that even the most dramatic failures tend to be years in the making. What undoes companies is the familiar stuff of human folly: denial, hubris, ego, wishful thinking, poor communication, lax oversight, greed and deceit.

By Peter Redelinghys 5 Dec 2012

Dirk Dijkstra
Top 10 recruitment technologies, companies

I recently took over the helm at Ahoy Employ, having no experience in the recruitment sector, at all...The basics of recruitment are pretty easy to find online so I am now kind of familiar with the workings of the recruitment business and with industry specific terms. If you're a recruiter or employer looking for the latest recruitment trends and developments, let me share my top 10 shortlist of technologies and companies that I'll be following in the years to come.

By Dirk Dijkstra 23 Nov 2012

Recruiter Awards ceremony honours agencies
Recruiter Awards ceremony honours agencies

Attended by business leaders in the South African recruitment industry, the ninth annual Recruiter Awards ceremony was held earlier this month. Hosted by CareerJunction, it was a celebration of recruitment excellence, as voted for by online job seekers, who were able to cast their vote online for the agency they felt had excelled in their field of expertise.

20 Nov 2012

Refilwe Thobega
Insecure, threatened managers treat subordinates unjustly

I have heard of many "boss-hates-subordinate" stories and I know many young and ambitious professionals who are complaining of "horrible bosses". I don't have to be a psychologist or a sage to cerebrate that fear and insecurity are two of the causes of hate, spite, backstabbing and conniving in many boss-subordinate and other workplace relationships in many organisations - be it government or the private sector.

By Refilwe Thobega 19 Nov 2012

Crowdsourcing ways to drive traffic, two companies team up
Crowdsourcing ways to drive traffic, two companies team up

Hiring Bounty, which makes use of crowdsourcing as a recruitment tool, and Idea Bounty, which solves business problems by tapping into the creativity of the masses, are working together to find the best and most creative idea to drive traffic to the recruitment site.

15 Nov 2012

Greg Schneider
Social recruitment - what I've learned so far

Our crowdsourced recruitment business Hiring Bounty is off to a great start but the process hasn't been easy. Here are the top five points that I've learned about recruitment in the time since the team began working on the business.

By Greg Schneider 6 Nov 2012

New social media offering from That's It
New social media offering from That's It

That's It Communications has introduced That's It Social, a social media management approach, focusing on high-level strategy and social business solutions, so that clients can manage their communities in-house on a day-to day basis.

31 Oct 2012

Sarah Leftwich
The importance of integrated employee engagement

Effective integrated employee engagement (IEE) is about understanding your audience, targeting the message and maximising the media. In other words, with every brief you take, you need to understand exactly who you are talking to. Always communicate a single-minded message, broken down where appropriate, to the different audiences within an organisation.

By Sarah Leftwich 28 Oct 2012

Bizcommunity.com partners up with Placement Partner recruitment software system
Bizcommunity.com partners up with Placement Partner recruitment software system

Bizcommunity.com now offers integration with Placement Partner, a software system designed for recruitment companies to manage and store data relevant to every step of the recruitment process.

Issued by Bizcommunity.com 23 Oct 2012

Cash prize and working opportunities in CareersSA.net competition

CareersSA.net has launched a new competition in which the winner will be paid R1000 in cash after solving a simple puzzle. But the cash prize is not the only benefit - the main purpose of the competition is to drive engagement with the CareersSA.net website, offering valuable guidance and assistance to job-seeking graduates.

Issued by Top Employers Institute 16 Oct 2012

De Beers taps new chairman, ending long dynasty

JOHANNESBURG: The world's leading diamond company De Beers appointed Anglo-American CEO Cynthia Carroll as its new chairman Wednesday, spelling the symbolic end of one of the corporate world's longest-running dynasties.

10 Oct 2012

Virgin Active, MiWay and Strate are SA's best employers
Virgin Active, MiWay and Strate are SA's best employers

Virgin Active South Africa‚ MiWay Insurance and Strate were voted the best employers to work for in Southern Africa‚ according to financial advisory services company Deloitte's latest survey released on Thursday.

10 Oct 2012

Brandell Turner
Unpacking employment equity, or consider boycotts carefully

The recent uproar over Woolworths' employment equity policies has brought to the fore several misconceptions about employment equity (EE). Contrary to what some (White) job candidates may think, employment equity is not designed to serve as racism in reverse. Those who feel the Employment Equity Act guarantees them top posts they are not qualified for, are wrong too.

By Brandell Turner 7 Oct 2012

Get rid of sick leave abuse once and for all
Get rid of sick leave abuse once and for all

Let's talk about dealing with a situation where employees consistently take off Mondays and Fridays on the basis of sick leave.

By Andrew Breetzke 6 Oct 2012

Our jobs portal - value for your money
Our jobs portal - value for your money

Since the very beginning, back in 2001, we at Bizcommunity.com have put you, our customers, clients and readers, first. And that is nowhere less true than in having industry jobs available on the site.

Issued by Bizcommunity.com 21 Sep 2012

Kirsten Morgendaal
Put HR thinking in your diary this spring

The less pressurised work environment of spring offers businesses some time to think. It's a great time to formulate ideas and establish the foundations for success later in the year.

By Kirsten Morgendaal 12 Sep 2012

ACA announces resignation of chairman
ACA announces resignation of chairman

Following the recent resignation of Wayne Naidoo from Lowe and Partners SA as well as the Association for Communication and Advertising (ACA), the ACA has announced that Nina Morris - CEO of morrisjones - was elected interim chairperson of the ACA Board.

12 Sep 2012

Jaroslav Cerny
Outsourcing vs temporary staff could make all the difference to your database

Economic conditions are a very pressing challenge for organisations of all sizes around the world, resulting in squeezed budgets. One such area is IT. As a result, many organisations are turning to outsourcing as a business model, as it offers savings, flexibility, scalability and the ability to access resources on demand rather than having to hire them full time. However, as a result of the unique conditions in South Africa which include a massive skills shortage, and in an effort to save money, some organisations are turning to temporary staffing solutions to fill critical posts. This can be a costly mistake.

By Jaroslav Cerny 11 Sep 2012

Icasa to probe SABC over alleged failures
Icasa to probe SABC over alleged failures

NEWSWATCH: Following allegations that the SABC is failing in a number of areas, Icasa has become involved, reports Mail & Guardian, which also reports that Woolworths has defended its employment policy.

11 Sep 2012

Caution needed when excluding racial groups from jobs: lawyer
Caution needed when excluding racial groups from jobs: lawyer

Employers should exercise caution when banning candidates from certain racial groups for employment or promotion, law firm Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr warned on Thursday.

7 Sep 2012

Woolworth refutes accusations of racism, disables wall
Woolworth refutes accusations of racism, disables wall

Ian Moir, Woolworths CEO says that it is "simply not true" to suggest that Woolworths follows racist recruitment practices - specifically, of not employing white people. The retailer has also disabled its Facebook wall after it became what the company terms "a platform for a well-orchestrated campaign of hate speech".

7 Sep 2012

HR to step up to strategy

Increasing employee turnover is shining a spotlight on the need for HR to step up its game and integrate its operations with the strategic goals of the business; but research shows this is not yet being put into practice.

Issued by UCT Graduate School of Business 6 Sep 2012

Catherine Wijnberg
Navigating stormy seas: What to do when your business is in turmoil

As any business leader with a few years under their belt can testify, all organisations - be they advertising agencies, marketing agencies, retailers, NGOs, manufacturing, publications - go through challenges as part of the natural growth cycle.

By Catherine Wijnberg 5 Sep 2012

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