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Kenya Trade Fair and Conference to usher in new era of business opportunities

The first annual Kenya Trade Fair and Conference will take place 19 - 21 September 2008 at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa. The initiative aims to create an ongoing platform and environment to build business linkages between South Africa and Kenya through expanded trade and business development opportunities for both countries.
As the High Commissioner explained at the recent launch of the event, “The Kenya trade fair and conference was born from the need to increase trade between Kenya and South Africa and to vigorously exploit the huge growth potential that remains untapped between our two countries. In 2007, the [Kenyan] government launched vision 2030, which aims to transform Kenya into a middle income country of locally competitive, prosperous nation, offering a high quality of life in a clean environment and maintain a sustained economic growth of 10%, create a just and cohesive society and create an accountable democratic country.”

The fair seeks to enable Kenyan companies to expand their opportunities in South Africa, but also provide opportunities for South African businesses to explore the massive growth potential in the promising Kenyan economy. The High Commissioner elaborated, “Kenya is East Africa's largest economy. It grew by 7% last year even with the political difficulties experienced earlier in the year, the IMF estimates a 4% economic growth rate. It is strategically located to serve the eastern African region and market. It has a well-developed business and entrepreneurial class and has over the past five years in particular, put in place several pro-business policies that enabled Kenya growth at an impressive average of 5%."

The event

The initiative has wide-spread and strong support from Kenyan business and government with over 200 exhibitors displaying products and services produced and manufactured in Kenya. The High Commission anticipates senior government officials and political figures from Kenya and South Africa to participate in the conference.

The exhibition will include products and services in the following categories:

  • Textile and apparel
  • Tourism
  • Art, craft and gifting
  • Chemical and allied products
  • Food and agricultural products
  • Cabling
  • Leather products
  • Paper and paperboard
  • Plastics and rubber
  • Timber and wood
  • Mining
  • Banking
  • Transport
  • Insurance
  • Property development

    For more information on the conference or how to register, please visit,
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