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Reminder: Sixth Thought Leadership Digibate today

The sixth Thought Leadership Digibate - hosted by Aegis Media and - is set to discuss and debate whether or not social media should be the pillar of the marketing mix.
With the vast number of platforms that have popped up since the 90's - from MySpace to Friendfinder, to Facebook, Twitter and most recently Pinterest - many would assume that social media is a given in the marketing mix. Yet many companies see it as a supporting tool that works in isolation and is a "may have" and not a "must have". Others however are comfortable with social media being fully integrated in their marketing strategies and are now focusing on using it as a customer service tool to glean feedback and create two way conversation streams between both parties.

The Thought Leadership Digibate, to be broadcast via live streaming on, will be held between 9:30am and 11am today, Friday 29 June 2012. It will aim at providing conversation and clarity on the journey that social media has taken to become a much important element in the marketing mix, and where it goes from now on in terms of being integrated into other business functions.

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If you missed the show, download or listen to the podcasts here on Bizcommunity or on BizRadio.

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The Thought Leader Digibates are held monthly and include a panel of leading media-marketing experts who will discuss, debate and share their knowledge - gleaned over years of experience - with a wider audience. The official Twitter hashtag is #aegisTL.

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