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BFF's: PR, experiential marketing and social media

I came across an interesting article published in 2011 about how WWF used PR and experiential marketing to activate Earth Hour in the UK, and it got me thinking.
As marketers around the globe increasingly try to create experiences that'll get people talking about their brands, PR and experiential marketing are becoming more intimately linked. Sure, you can have one without the other, but if you really want to get more for your client's investment (and positively influence overall brand exposure and awareness); it just makes more sense to run them as a pair.

Ultimately, the convergence of these disciplines means you're able to target both consumers and media directly. And who doesn't want that, right?!

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Media buzz

As a PR professional, I understand more than most that in order for any experiential activity to be successful it must be clever, yet simple, creative, and (truly) memorable. With this balance it will create the kind of impact that - with the right nudge from a savvy PR team - will generate lots of buzz in media, both on and offline.

And with the integration of social media, the life of said experience can be further stretched to involve people who weren't at the live event. The other beauty of social media of course, is that it allows consumers to create their own content.

Multiple channels to share content

As Chris Norton explains, "Every person engaged with your event who likes or shares some aspect of it on a social network, increases its potential to be talked about, shared, and changed as it travels from one person to another online." It's the gift that keeps on giving.

I totally agree with the notion that content will continue to be king. The truly sharp marketer will continue to produce the kind of innovative (and immersive) experiences that deliver the brand message, while providing multiple channels through which consumers can share it themselves (in their own words)

And with a little help from PR, these experiential activities will produce three awesome results: media talk-ability, consumer engagement and evangelism, and increased bottom-line.

About Gugu Sithole

After several years of working, racking up experience in government communications, promotions, television broadcasting, PR and experiential marketing, I'd like to think of myself as standing for individualism, big thinking, and clever solutions. Naturally, I'm always looking to work with people who have the same ideals. My ability to adapt to any work situation means I'm able to go from writing a blog post to whipping up a PR strategy, to launch a leading international brand.