Khangelani Dziba

Senior Brand Architect at DNA Brand Architects
Location:South Africa


Khangelani Dziba is a communicator with key interests in Brand Communications and Diversity Studies. He has a sociological outlook on social issues and believes in storytelling with a difference.
Great brand communications solutions come from collaboration

There is a need for more collaboration from all the different parts that make up brand communications....

By Khangelani Dziba 6 Nov 2017

Open up the industry - more millenials need a chance

We need to have broader conversations around how we can open up the industry to make it more inclusive...

By Khangelani Dziba 3 Oct 2017

Why do some brands still shy away from giving consumers experiences?

Khangelani Dziba writes that brands giving consumers experiences as a way of marketing their brands, building brand love and affinity is definitely one that needs to start dominating the discourse of most marketers...

By Khangelani Dziba 8 Sep 2017

What's taught in lecture rooms should match the real world

Do PR students really extract value from the course work at varsity or is it a complete waste when they are introduced to the world of work?

By Khangelani Dziba 7 Aug 2017

Brands, Black Twitter will come for you if you are not careful

Khangelani Dziba believes brands should be encouraged to have voices and state their position in the market but this right comes with a huge responsibility and a need for heightened awareness...

By Khangelani Dziba 31 Jul 2017

A reimagined approach is needed to solve South Africa's social ills

South Africa's ability to solve issues will not only come from traditional platforms but rather from an integrated and united approach that is inclusive of different ways of thinking and solving challenges...

By Khangelani Dziba 24 Jul 2017

Let's face it, PR is a dying practice and there is no going back!

Khangelani Dziba writes about the future of PR in an era that is ever-evolving and elaborates on finding new, exciting and interesting ways of communicating brand messages...

By Khangelani Dziba 12 Jul 2017

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