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Editor-in-Chief: Marketing & Media at Bizcommunity
Location:Cape Town, South Africa
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Leigh Andrews (@leigh_andrews) is Editor-in-Chief: Marketing & Media at Bizcommunity.com and one of our Lifestyle contributors. She's also on the 2018 Women in Marketing: Africa advisory panel, was an #Inspiring50 nominee, and can be reached at ...
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Editor-in-Chief: Marketing & Media
Bizcommunity - www.bizcommunity.com/
Present - Cape Town


SEO, Blogging, Creative writing, Journalism print and online


BA Journalism
Year completed:2004
Education level:Degree
Final year subjects:Journalism
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa
BA (Hons) Psych
Year completed:2005
Education level:Honours
Final year subjects:Psychometry
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa
#BehindtheSelfie with... Damon Stapleton

This week, we got behind the selfie with SA export Damon Stapleton, now chief creative officer at DDB New Zealand...

By Leigh Andrews 10 hours ago

Multiple choices for MultiChoice after Naspers' unbundling or way of the dinosaur?

#Newswatch: It's not necessarily a death knell. There's speculation on potential positive outcomes following Naspers's announcement that it will unbundle MultiChoice to shareholders early next year and separately list the company on the JSE...

By Leigh Andrews 13 hours ago

The role of memory and media in converting consumers for brand growth

At Spark Media's annual event, a top marketing scientist from the Australia-based Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, Dr Virginia Beal got attendees thinking and rethinking the role of memory in reaching consumers. While there's no one-size-fits-all approach, you'll do well to factor in light media buyers and light media users...

By Leigh Andrews 1 day ago

#FairnessFirst: How Nike inspires others to 'just do it' with commodity activism

What do Colin Kaepernick, Serena Williams and Caster Semenya have in common? Despite each facing controversy in their sporting careers, they're all stars in Nike's inspirational 30th-anniversary campaign, filled with fiery new words to live by...

By Leigh Andrews 2 days ago

All the opulent, old-world charm of the Oyster Box Hotel

If you've ever been to the five-star Oyster Box Hotel you'll know all about the high ceilings, palm-leaf fans, and pops of lighthouse red-and-white stripes everywhere you look, with high tea a daily occurrence. Here's why you shouldn't miss this revamped KwaZulu-Natal classic...

By Leigh Andrews 12 Sep 2018

#BehindtheSelfie with... Diogo Mendonça

This week, we go behind the selfie with Diogo Mendonça, managing director of Blacksmith Collective...

By Leigh Andrews 12 Sep 2018

#YouthReport2018: Smarter-than-you-think millennial coping strategies and life hacks

Not familiar with brand polygamy, Finstagram and Twitter suicides? You're not alone. In the final session at the launch of the UCT Unilever Institute of Strategic Marketing's Youth Report 2018, Dali Tembo, MD of Instant Grass International, explained how marketers can tap into the coping strategies of today's youth...

By Leigh Andrews 11 Sep 2018

#YouthReport2018: Being a teenager in 2018, more pressure than peer pressure

The fourth session of the UCT Unilever Institute of Strategic Marketing's Youth Report 2018 release, also presented by Martin Neethling, director of groceries at Pioneer Foods, shared insight into the pressures SA's youth are really under - there's more to it than just 'being a teenager'...

By Leigh Andrews 10 Sep 2018

#YouthReport2018: The SA jobseeker's catch-22, micro-privileges and the rise of 'adulting'

The third session of the UCT Unilever Institute of Strategic Marketing's Youth Report 2018 release was presented by Martin Neethling, director of groceries at Pioneer Foods, and was all about the 18- to 24-year-old market, the changing definition of teenagers and the game-changers in this regard...

By Leigh Andrews 10 Sep 2018

#YouthReport2018: Generation jobless and the high inequality economy

Explaining concepts like the 'missing middle' and various African economic myths and misconceptions, Professor Haroon Bhorat shared the harsh economic realities of growing up in South Africa today, at the launch of the UCT Unilever Institute of Strategic Marketing's Youth Report 2018...

By Leigh Andrews 7 Sep 2018

#YouthReport2018: Who are those 'SA millennials' you're marketing to?

The launch of the UCT Unilever Institute of Strategic Marketing's Youth Report 2018 explained the confusing terminology of 'millennials', 'Gen Z', 'born frees', 'generation jobless' as well as the often-misquoted numbers...

By Leigh Andrews 6 Sep 2018

#BehindtheSelfie with... Robin Adams

This week, we got behind the selfie with Robin Adams, commercials director at Egg Films...

By Leigh Andrews 5 Sep 2018

How to leapfrog your industry's disruption and future-proof Africa

Mann Made recently disrupted themselves before anyone else could with a rebrand. Here's how what started out as a wedding video company by three brothers in 2000 has transformed into a storytelling, forward-thinking, 65-employee strong experiential brand agency that hosts the SingularityU SA Summit...

By Leigh Andrews 4 Sep 2018

What to expect from Agency Scope UK 2018/19

In this exclusive interview, Johanna McDowell, CEO of IAS and partner for Scopen Africa, speaks of the Scopen Agency Scope UK fieldwork currently underway, what she's most interested to find out and potential implications for the next SA study...

By Leigh Andrews 3 Sep 2018

#FairnessFirst: Be your own biggest cheerleader

The second SheSays Cape Town event was held at GetSmarter's offices on Thursday, 23 August 2018 with the title 'What's your slash?' It was filled with advice for bringing that side-hustle to the spotlight - you don't have to run your own business or be an entrepreneur to think like one, nor do you need to go it alone...

By Leigh Andrews 3 Sep 2018

#WomensMonth: "Focus on your talents and ignore the noise"

Eleni Giokos, CNN African correspondent, rounds out our Women's Month coverage by sharing her realisation that "career plus baby is doable", as well as some of the noise she's learned to ignore, like being told to cut her hair short as long hair isn't 'corporate' enough...

By Leigh Andrews 30 Aug 2018

#BehindtheSelfie with... directors of The Bread and Bakery

This week, we got behind the selfie with Anthea Poulos and Andrew Berry, directors at brand consultancy The Bread; and Dylan Meadon, director at partner agency, Bakery...

By Leigh Andrews 29 Aug 2018

#WomensMonth: How Elevator's female leaders have shattered the glass ceiling

We often hear of the 'glass ceiling' that exists for women in business. Here's how Elevator Agency's recent reorganisation to put more women in leadership positions is setting an example for the next generation...

By Leigh Andrews 28 Aug 2018

Why you should do your winter weekend lunching at the Majeka House M Lounge

On a chilly winter's day, we felt our winter stresses instantly slip away when we were offered an herbal infusion from Majeka House's own garden, served in charming floral cups with crisp, custardy-rum caneles at the reception desk. And from that first sip, we were well on our way to a spot of much needed mid-winter relaxation...

By Leigh Andrews 28 Aug 2018

#FairnessFirst: The power of celebrating your failure and success

Speakers at Future Females' August 2018 monthly event all spoke on 'how to fail successfully' and why entrepreneurs benefit when embracing things not going quite to plan...

By Leigh Andrews 27 Aug 2018

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