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Red Flag launches digital division

Red Flag has a new digital division that offers custom web development and mobisites, social media campaigns and content management, ecommerce, QR codes, Google Ads, mobile apps and everything in-between; turning it into result-centric augmented reality.
This adds to its reputation as leaders in publicity, marketing and graphic design in the entertainment and lifestyle spheres. While many digital agencies start from the technology and think they can just fill in the content and strategy later, it gets that without engaging content that is designed to be shared by engagers and fans, any tech solution is bound to fail.

A fully resourced tech team can now offer whatever it takes to catapult its publicity, influencer, digital and social media campaigns to the next level.

Digital offerings include campaign creation; website/mobisite/app development; custom ecommerce website/mobisite for artists or brands; ad serving; viral competitions/campaigns; SEO/AdWords etc.