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Episode 120: Melissa Attree On Brands vs Publishers

Date: 29 Jan 2015
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Episode 119: Careers24 Sandcastle campaign and Mike Sharman

Date: 22 Jan 2015
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Episode 118: Money 4 Jam with Warren Ventre and BizTrends 2015

Date: 16 Jan 2015
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Look at the legs on that strategy

The term "strategy" in day-to-day advertising, is thrown around as loosely as "booty" is in modern day hip-hop. And even though both are constantly being referred to, no one can truly pinpoint what a good one looks like...

By Garren Coetzee 29 Jan 2015 14:05

[Biz Takeouts Podcast] 120: Melissa Attree on Brands vs Publishers

In the latest Biz Takeouts Marketing and Media Radio show, host Warren Harding interviewed Melissa Attree and Candice Winterboer...

29 Jan 2015 13:50

[NewsMaker] Laurian Ovens

Well-loved South African brand, Peppadew, has launched a range of product innovation in the past year. Peppadew brand manager, Laurian Ovens, talks about the brand's move from pickles-only into other food categories...

By Louise Marsland 28 Jan 2015 14:15

Changing the mindset of cost-cutting to value adding

As clients continue to brief agencies to "cut costs and work within smaller budgets" (often coupled with greater demands in terms of return on investment), it's not necessarily because clients want value for their money...

By Chris Midgley, Issued by Blast Brand Catalysts 28 Jan 2015 12:34

[Biz Takeouts Lineup] 120: Melissa Attree chats Brands vs Publishers

Tune in to the Biz Takeouts Marketing & Media radio show tomorrow, 29 January 2015, from 9-10am, as show host Warren Harding chats to Melissa Attree and Candice Winterboer...

28 Jan 2015 11:38

AVE and the consumers turning against you - how do you measure the 'damage'?

South African consumers, business people and politicians are standing in disbelief as two major South African business brands count the costs of underestimating the plight of the consumer last year...

27 Jan 2015 15:10

Innovation, a catalyst for development

WEF is uniquely placed to offer South Africa a chance to position itself and communicate its value proposition to international decision makers...

By Albert van Jaarsveld 27 Jan 2015 13:53

Belvedere Vodka gets product placement in new Bond film

The new James Bond film, Spectre, due for global release on 6 November 2015, features Belvedere Vodka for the spy's iconic "shaken not stirred" vodka martini...

27 Jan 2015 08:33

What we've learned from institutions of higher learning

According to figures released by the Department of Basic Education, 403,874 students passed their NSC this year. Amid the excitement of negotiating this hurdle, for many it brings the question: "Where to now?" into sharp focus. For higher education institution brands, this is peak season, with brands playing an important role in informing decisions...

By Christopher Human 26 Jan 2015 10:45

Enabling The Love Trust

Brand Alive has launched a groundbreaking new social investment initiative designed to create real and sustainable value for South African non-profit organisations where it counts most...

Issued by Brand Alive 22 Jan 2015 11:40

Authentic social consciousness starts at home

There are a few hard truths about today's consumers. Yes, they are savvier, they are more outspoken and they know what they want out of a brand - but many South African consumers are also angry...

Issued by NATIVE VML 21 Jan 2015 11:18

Five ways pitching out creative briefs will kill your brand

Over the past few years, we have witnessed an ever-growing trend, in which large FMCG brands attempt to generate savings through aggressive procurement policies...

By Brett Horn 20 Jan 2015 12:19

First 'Brand Wars' initiative evaluates pizza

The recently launched 'Brand Wars' initiative, spearheaded by Andrew Ross, MD of Havas Sports & Entertainment South Africa, seeks to find consumer brands and pit them against each other...

20 Jan 2015 09:47

[Biz Takeouts Podcast] 118: Money4Jam with Warren Venter and BizTrends 2015

On the very first Biz Takeouts Marketing and Media Radio show of 2015, show host Warren Harding interviewed Warren Venter from M4JAM and Louise Marsland about BizTrends2015...

16 Jan 2015 13:35

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