Sabre Awards come to Africa
Sabre Awards come to Africa

The Sabre Awards, which recognise superior achievement in branding, reputation & engagement, with separate competitions in North America, EMEA, the Asia-Pacific, Latin America and South Asia, will now run in Africa. The deadline for entries is 9 January 2017, although late entries will be accepted until 6 February, with payment of an additional fee.

2 days ago

Social media sentiment shows why customer expectations matter

Brands that fail to meet customers' high expectations may see their market share slide.

By JP Kloppers 3 days ago

SMEs need marketing skills, brand building to succeed
SMEs need marketing skills, brand building to succeed

Many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) fail to action even the simplest marketing initiatives effectively, often to the detriment of the business' success.

7 Dec 2016

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#Influencerchange: Think like an influencer

"You can't predict anyone's work load for the day, we pad out our budgets to avoid hiccups down the line and deadlines are just crazy." This description, which would fit almost any business today, was part of a fictional scenario set-up in the recent HumanEdge Influencer change workshop and which had attendees nodding their heads in agreement.

By Leigh Andrews 6 Dec 2016

Brand South Africa: persuading talent to come home in a crisis
Brand South Africa: persuading talent to come home in a crisis

"Have a conversation with somebody that is not like you." In the latest episode of With or Without Sugar, Giles Shepherd of The Brand Alive Group hears from Angel Jones of Homecoming Revolution about what South Africans should be doing to help Brand South Africa to regain its lost equity.

Issued by Brand Alive 6 Dec 2016

Emirates Twitter Page Leveraging off Jennifer Aniston brand association
When fame is no longer enough: Brand ambassadors in the age of social media

Starting in the 1940s and '50s, celebrity endorsements began changing the marketing landscape. Soap, shampoo, suntan lotion: Ronald Reagan himself endorsed a brand of cigarettes. Leveraging Hollywood stars' power and recognisability, companies first tapped into the potential of the Big Screen.

By JP Kloppers 5 Dec 2016

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Is Doom doomed?

Sitting with a group of friends over a bottle of Pinotage, an inevitable discussion of the 'Prophet of Doom' emerged. The majority of the guys in this discussion were of the opinion that Doom as a brand actually benefited by scoring free publicity, citing the adage that 'there is no bad publicity' after all.

By Jimmy Tembo 5 Dec 2016

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#Influencerchange: Crucial moments and vital behaviours

The majority of businesses today would say they're customer-centric, or at least that 'the customer comes first'. But HumanEdge's Influencer: Power to change workshop warns that many of us forget the most important customers of all - our own employees, who can quickly identify a flaw in our processes before it snowballs through a bad customer experience.

By Leigh Andrews 5 Dec 2016

Zenzele formalises the brand activation sector with new SETA-accredited course
Zenzele formalises the brand activation sector with new SETA-accredited course

To meet a demand in the brand activation and client service industry for highly skilled brand ambassadors, Michelle Combrinck, CEO and founder of Zinto Marketing Group (Zinto), recently launched Zenzele Educational Doorway (Zenzele), a brand ambassador training and incubation centre for future brand ambassadors and client service professionals.

Issued by Zinto Activation Group 5 Dec 2016