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When fame is no longer enough: Brand ambassadors in the age of social media

Starting in the 1940s and '50s, celebrity endorsements began changing the marketing landscape. Soap, shampoo, suntan lotion: Ronald Reagan himself endorsed a brand of cigarettes. Leveraging Hollywood stars' power and recognisability, companies first tapped into the potential of the Big Screen.

By JP Kloppers 2 days ago

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Is Doom doomed?

Sitting with a group of friends over a bottle of Pinotage, an inevitable discussion of the 'Prophet of Doom' emerged. The majority of the guys in this discussion were of the opinion that Doom as a brand actually benefited by scoring free publicity, citing the adage that 'there is no bad publicity' after all.

By Jimmy Tembo 2 days ago

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#Influencerchange: Crucial moments and vital behaviours

The majority of businesses today would say they're customer-centric, or at least that 'the customer comes first'. But HumanEdge's Influencer: Power to change workshop warns that many of us forget the most important customers of all - our own employees, who can quickly identify a flaw in our processes before it snowballs through a bad customer experience.

By Leigh Andrews 2 days ago

Maximising consumer engagement in a brand-push war zone

The age of using consumer touchpoint data to define targeting strategies is almost becoming defunct. In fact, many insights specialists would argue that we are still thinking in siloes based on this behaviour.

By Claudelle Naidoo 30 Nov 2016

Five business branding mistakes to avoid
Five business branding mistakes to avoid

Branding is very important for the success of any business. Companies such as Nike, Adidas, McDonalds and Google have continued to stand out due to their well thought-out branding strategies. Therefore, how you go about branding has the potential to either make or break your business. Here are some of the common mistakes you need to avoid at all costs:

By Charles Mburugu 29 Nov 2016

Six steps to a better digital marketing strategy

Brands need to engage with their customers regularly in order to be competitive. With all of the messaging thrown in front of today's consumers, a business that succeeds at attracting the attention of consumers time and again will have the advantage. Luckily, engagement isn't impossible to capture in thanks to today's technology and social platforms.

By Jennifer Roberts 29 Nov 2016

Are you ready for 2017?
Are you ready for 2017?

What does your gut feel say? Well, here's the deal. No longer is it viable to rely on your intuition to know where your marketing campaign is heading. We are now living in a data analytics world - and if that does not sound as exciting as the material one decades ago, believe us (or at least the trend setters who have studied this growing technology phenomenon) data analysis will take you to the next level.

By Nick Sarnadas, Issued by Madex 28 Nov 2016

Medium Agency of the Year - AVATAR
Tough times make for big winners

The Financial Mail (FM) AdFocus Agency of the Year 2016 is PhD Media SA. The Agency, which also won the FM AdFocus Media Agency Award, boasted top scores across each category. "Winning is not an easy thing so it feels amazing to have won," says Wayne Bishop, managing director (JHB).

By Danette Breitenbach 24 Nov 2016

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#Influencerchange: Really being smart about SMART goals

Any business dealing with external consumers or internal customers like staff and stakeholders needs to perform a few 'mindreading' skills in order to best meet its own goals and improve overall customer experience. Here's how honing your powers of influence can help you to do so.

By Leigh Andrews 23 Nov 2016

Social Media Sentiment Analysis - how to know what's really going on
Social Media Sentiment Analysis - how to know what's really going on

Conventional media the world over were convinced of a Clinton win... but specialist social media analytics firm BrandsEye predicted a Trump win, just as they had correctly predicted Brexit. Giles Shepherd and Gabby Cowling of The Brand Alive Group chatted to Freddie Herbst, BrandsEye's Commercial Director, about their Social Media Sentiment Analysis model in the latest episode of With or Without Sugar.

Issued by Brand Alive 23 Nov 2016

Leveraging personal brand to build your company's brand
Leveraging personal brand to build your company's brand

Building a personal brand is a lot of hard work based on competition being at its most intense. To illustrate my point, when in university, one of my professors, a British gentleman, always used to say to us that the thing that shocked him the most about working in Africa is that not a lot of Africans knew about Africa. At that time, he had travelled to more African countries than our class (30 students) had been to, combined. His travels had thus become an asset for him, knowing the different cultures, their way of doing things and how to navigate when in these territories. This was an asset which he monetized, as he was sometimes invited as a strategic advisor to businesses to give them an overview of the lay of the land. How's that for positioning and differentiating yourself?

By James Maposa 17 Nov 2016

Publicis Machine gears up with Mercedes-Benz win
Publicis Machine gears up with Mercedes-Benz win

Publicis Machine has just won the hotly-contested Mercedes-Benz Cars Digital/CRM account and already the talented team is gearing up to elevate the digital footprint of this powerful global brand. Mercedes-Benz Cars is a division of Mercedes-Benz South Africa and MBFS, a wholly-owned subsidiary of MBSA.

Issued by Publicis Machine 17 Nov 2016

Emotive branding for success
Emotive branding for success

As it is the case with almost all aspects of our lives, we feel more comfortable, and able to work better, with those we easily connect with or get along well with us.

By Nkgadimeng Ramela 10 Nov 2016