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OLC Experiential has a new space

Thursday, 1 June saw experiential agency OLC (Offlimit Communications) launch its new office at 34 Impala Road in Chislehurston, Sandton, in collaboration with Flux Trends' Dion Chang, who shared insights from this year's 'The State We're In' presentation called Dazed and Disoriented: The Impact of Being Woke...

By Jessica Tennant 6 Jun 2017

Get ready for the AI startup retail CX revolution

Virtual chatbots are becoming commonplace in the B2B marketing sector as well as for general online consumer shopping. Here's what else to expect from the AI retail startup boom...

By Leigh Andrews 18 May 2017

Metamorphosis of marketing

Some big trends contributing to digital's impact on marketing and the broader business to increase revenue, decrease costs and providing the customer with an enhanced experience...

By Audrey Naidoo 26 Apr 2017

Five reasons why a professional business sign makes bottom-line sense

A professional business sign can either be and asset, making you stand out in a competitive marketplace or a liability...

By Chans Weber 24 Apr 2017

Top eventing trends for 2017: Smart tech, fabulous food, controlled costs and a return to nature

Eventing trends in South Africa indicate return to nature, slow food, hi tech...

20 Apr 2017

The marketer of the future

Today's traditional media is rapidly evolving towards the marketing of the future. The ‘brandscape' has changed dramatically in a short space of time and marketers are struggling to keep pace with the new environment...

By Dr. Ludi Koekemoer 19 Apr 2017

2017: The year of taking your business from Gen X to Gen CX

On the day of love, Tuesday, 14 February, BrandLove fittingly held the much-loved Cape Town version of its CX trends update for 2017 at 360 Business Parks in Paarden Eiland...

By Leigh Andrews 27 Mar 2017

#BizTrends2017: Transparency, authenticity and bravery – developing trends

Certainly the greatest double-edged sword of the 21st century is the information economy.

By Giles Shepherd 6 Feb 2017

#BizTrends2017: Marketers need to create deeper and more meaningful databases

Customer engagement agency, iKineo sees three key trends emerging in 2017, according to Joshin Raghubar, executive chairman…

By Joshin Raghubar 30 Jan 2017

#BizTrends2017: The year of living simply

How to simplify the marketing conversation and really know your customer, advises Rudy Hassiem, managing director of Brandnew Creative Agency…

By Rudy Hassiem 18 Jan 2017

#BizTrends2017: Consumers demand communication with local nuance

Given that many of the trends we see in Africa are what's manifesting in other countries, it's unsurprising to see the continued convergence in basic wants and needs, says Sarah Dexter, managing partner at MullenLowe SA...

By Sarah Dexter 18 Jan 2017

#BizTrends2017: Instant gratification is not limited to information

David Drew, chief commercial officer of Boxmore Packaging, writes about how 3D printing is revolutionising the FMCG industry...

By David Drew 17 Jan 2017

#BizTrends2017: The evolution of the strategic advisor in communications

The shift in the role of business communications within the organisation has been dramatic, says Daniel Munslow, strategic communicator and brand consultant...

By Daniel Munslow 13 Jan 2017

#BizTrends2017: The future of marketing in 360-degrees

The technology to watch in 2017 is Virtual Reality - along with the accompanying practice of 360-degree videography, the mechanism used by consumers and professionals to create immersive virtual reality experiences...

By Andre Van Kets 12 Jan 2017

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