Cobus van Zyl is the Chief Operations Officer at Aggrey & Clifford, an independent, East African, brand-building agency. Their client base includes Vodacom Tanzania, Tanzania Breweries, The National Housing Corporation, and Azam TV to name but a few. Contact details: Email moc.droffilcyergga@lyznav.suboc | Tel +255 762 131317 | LinkedIn | Website
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Positioning luxury brands in emerging markets

We recently launched of a new premium whisky in the Tanzanian market. Do Tanzanians care where it's from, how it's made or who drinks it?

By Cobus van Zyl 28 Oct 2014

Bank on change in Africa

I have been part of the 'banked' segment of civilization since I was five years old. I have tried it all, from savings to home-loans, vehicle finance to credit card...

By Cobus van Zyl 1 Jul 2014

Africa - One on one

Fairfax Cone once said: "Good advertising is always written from one person to another. When aimed at millions it rarely moves anyone." (video)

By Cobus van Zyl 10 Jun 2014

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