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What future does advertising has in the current global economic crunch?
Uhm! I know so many advertising veterans out there will look at this caption and consider it inappropriate.I know.And, I sympathize with them.You dont joke with a man's job.

Advertising delivers a well defined message in a controlled environment with pre-determined schedule of where and when exposure will appear. For me, this is ok. But...

The message a sponsorship delivers is not for the eyes only but it delivers a heart/mind connection with the consumer,which to me is the ULTIMATE (thanks to the copywriter on Gulder)!

We all know that advertsing budget is the first culprit when there is consideration on how to cut expenses by a firm. with this economic meltdown (which many are afraid to call recession) rocking our boat,what's the next thing to do as ad agency.

Innovate or Die!
Forum created by Seun Ariyibi
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Advertising will never die-
For as long as there are products & services and consumers advertising will always be alive. What form the adv ertising takes is the question.
Posted on 20 Feb 2009 13:58
There is no dying here only a little shakeup-
Dying? advertising will only get a reduced budget as you stated, but business will still be as usual...also i agree with TJM, as long as there are products there will be adverts. The budgets will reduce no doubt but remember we run a communication biz and people will always want to communicate except every company crumbles which some will still communicate that they are only facing a little challenge and will bounce back me Savannah Bank will even start thier communications soon i bet....:) Bankole
Posted on 25 Feb 2009 09:46