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Jennifer Thomas is an assistant professor in the department of media, journalism, and film at Howard University. © .
Media activist Angela Quintal reported to be safe
How to deal with the troll armies
#NEWSWATCH: Zimbabwe uncertainty as state TV remains under control of military
The Gathering 2017 Media Edition.Credit: Ashraf Hendricks,
Luke McKend. Credit: Ashraf Hendricks,
Imposing one story on Africa is doing it a disservice
Social media, popular revolt: cure against African dictators?
African people disillusioned with leadership - Moeletsi Mbeki
Concern mounts over missing SA journo as govt scrambles to assist
African politicians ban media to avoid criticism - Henry Maina
Dario Milo and media law: is legal sky a limit for journalists?
What to do with critical media: to regulate or not to regulate?
African media is surrogate opposition - Prof Tawana Kupe
Media freedom, self-regulation: the Ghanaian experience
African media and the self-regulation dilemma
Right of access to information hampered by govts - media conference
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