Tips/advice on selling your luxury condominium

So, you've scored yourself a nice little upscale condominium. Now the next step is... how do you sell it? If you're not planning to go through a third party agent and want to do it yourself, it might be a bit of a hassle but it will be all worth it in the end when you have saved thousands in agent fees. Read on to learn how selling house is not as hard as you think.
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Decide whether you want to sell it fully furnished

You might be tempted to furnish your condominium prior to selling it in an attempt to raise its value. However, we would highly advise against doing so as each individual has their own tastes and aesthetics. You might find that it will be harder to sell your property if it has already been furnished as any prospective buyers will take into consideration the amount of money they can save if they purchase a condominium without any furniture.

However, selling a luxury condominium is a touch different in this aspect. Homeowners who have the additional money to spare would most likely hire an interior designer to help them flesh out their new home because they want to save on time and would not want to do it themselves. Bearing this in mind, you should decorate your space with tasteful pieces but don’t go overboard. Remember, the new homeowner might want to bring in a couple of pieces of their own to give it a personalised touch. We suggest installing main essentials such as air conditioning and a range hood, along with a few key pieces such as beds, sofas and a theatre system. Make sure electrical sockets and light fixtures are hidden because exposed cables and sockets are nothing more than an eyesore.

A way of hefting the price higher than the average market price is to make sure that the pieces you’ve sourced are exotic instead of locally made. Luxury home buyers would be much more interested in the one of a kind European side table than a snazzy decorative from Ikea. The idea is to create a home that is so beautiful that your prospective client will come into the home, love it, buy it, and not change a single thing about it.

List your property on the appropriate platforms

This is very important because where you list your condominium reflects on its value. Listing it on a low budget or free platform suggests that the place is not as high society as you want it to be perceived. You want to avoid these free marketplaces and go for professional property listings.

You can also reach out to established real estate or luxury platforms on social media to advertise your space. Make sure that it’s being advertised on affluent platforms to ensure that your listing is being seen by the right kind of people.

Ensure the necessary information are visible

Of course, you want to add all the necessary information that will make your condominium more attractive to the market. This should include information on the facilities that your building has (some condos now boast private theatres, gyms and even private gardens and these are all essential information). Location is also a unique selling point and make sure your prospects know how long it takes to walk to the nearest MRT station. Include points about the neighbourhood - if your condo is near a good International school or renowned tuition center, be sure to add that too, as we know how important academics are to the upper-class.

Last but not least, have a professional photographer come in to snap pictures of your condominium instead of using your phone to snap a few quick pictures. Again, image is everything.

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