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GMW Mimarlik unveils prototypes for Saudi airport terminals

Istanbul-based architecture firm GMW Mimarlik has unveiled images for prototype terminals in Saudi Arabia, aiming to achieve high levels of passenger comfort, while considering the importance of three key points for design: clarity, efficiency and sustainability.
Image © GMW Mimarlik

The concept proposals include two types of prototype terminals which are to be built in Saudi Arabia. The proposals were designed in response to the client’s request for a conceptual terminal which can be developed for several different locations in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Holistic approach

"These design concept proposals are the result of a holistic approach, giving top priority to the critical issues of clarity, efficiency and sustainability in order to achieve high levels of passenger comfort and long-term operational success. Clarity, the quality of being coherent and intelligible, is a primary objective, which shapes these design proposals," said the studio in a press statement.

"Clarity of expression of the successive processes within the building help passengers negotiate their way through the terminal with ease."

"Clearly defined and straightforward circulation routes from landside to airside and vice versa with minimum changes of level and direction enable the passengers to reach their destinations with ease and little anxiety, and greatly reduce the need to rely on complicated and often confusing way-finding signage," added the architects.

Image © GMW Mimarlik

Intelligible public building

GMW Mimarlık proposes a particular structural system to achieve optimum efficiency and ease of construction. Proposed main structural elements and the configuration of internal spaces will be designed in a clear and coherent manner, creating an intelligible public building.

The studio will focus on the sustainability of a terminal building, as they represent a substantial initial capital investment in Saudi Arabia.

"Flexibility and adaptability of the building in response to changes in technology, security requirements and aircraft types, with minimum disruption to the existing operations, and its expansion potential to respond to increases in passenger numbers are of paramount importance for the long-term viability of the terminal," added the studio.

Transparent facades

Proposing transparent facades throughout the terminal, it will allow natural light to penetrate deep into the building interior and will save energy and provide different vistas from the interior spaces.

"Transparency of the external walls affording views of the outside will also help passengers easily orientate themselves within the terminal."

"In addition to intuitive way-finding, passenger experience will be enhanced with optimised daylight, open well-lit spaces with accents in human scale like check-in islands and retail kiosks. Skylights were placed vertically on the roof to have controlled sunlight and prevent overheating in an excessively warm climate."

The building's structural design and details are elegantly harmonised in the building, not only to create stability and durability, but also to express qualities of strength throughout the building.

Image © GMW Mimarlik

Warm colour palette

The architects use a warm colour palette in the interior spaces of the building as the cladding materials. "Wood will be used against the visually contrasting smooth back-painted glass to create a contemporary building interior with a sense of nature," explained the architects.

GMW Mimarlık recently released plans for a new airport in Tehran, Iran, as well as the Muş Airport in South East Turkey. The studio also completed the new Eurasia Tunnel Operation and Maintenance Building in the heart of Istanbul.

Article originally published on World Architecture Community.
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