'Twisted rope' of charged particles precede solar storms

PARIS, FRANCE: A "twisted rope" of magnetically-charged energy precedes solar storms that have the potential to damage satellites and electricity grids, French scientists have found.

23 Oct 2014


Apple's new SIM hurts Gemalto in France

PARIS, FRANCE: Shares in French digital security company Gemalto slumped as investors expressed concerns that Apple's plan to integrate SIM cards directly into the new iPads could threaten part of Gemalto's business.

22 Oct 2014


Apple, Google brands worth $100bn each

PARIS, FRANCE: The US Apple and Google brands which have become household names around the world are worth more than $100bn each, and top a ranking of the world's biggest brands, consultancy Interbrand said.

10 Oct 2014


Space experts try to fix Galileo satellites

PARIS, FRANCE: Experts are racing to identify and fix a problem that saw two satellites from Europe's troubled Galileo satellite navigation system going into the wrong orbit.

26 Aug 2014


Nokia renaissance sees profits climb

PARIS, FRANCE: Finnish telecommunications equipment company Nokia jumped back into profit in the second quarter boosted by restructuring after it lost its leading position in handsets and sold its phone division to Microsoft.

25 Jul 2014


STMicrolectronics disappoints investors despite profits

PARIS, FRANCE: French-Italian microchip manufacturer STMicroelectronics reported a switch into profit in its second quarter, but its outlook disappointed investors as the company's shares fell.

24 Jul 2014


Forget apps, old-school mobiles ring in a comeback

PARIS, FRANCE: They fit in a pocket, have batteries that last all week and are almost indestructible: old-school Nokias, Ericssons and Motorolas are making a comeback as consumers, tired of fragile and overly-wired smartphones, go retro.

26 May 2014


Alcatel-Lucent trims loss, aims for positve cash flow

PARIS, FRANCE - Alcatel-Lucent, a leading global supplier of telecommunications equipment, says it aims to return to a positive cash flow next year after reporting a lower first quarter loss.

12 May 2014


Bouygues boosts mobile bid for SFR, in French turf war

PARIS, FRANCE: French telecommunications group Bouygues stepped up its bid to buy mobile phone operator SFR from Vivendi, launching a new phase in a huge fight over positions in France.

7 Apr 2014


'Tribo-electric,' the buzzword of the future?

PARIS, FRANCE: Out at sea, gentle waves provide power for thousands of homes. In cities, dance-floor moves generate electricity for nightclubs. In the countryside, hikers use leg power to recharge their phones.

5 Mar 2014


Alcatel-Lucent - from losses to profits

PARIS, FRANCE: Alcatel-Lucent, a leading global supplier of telecommunications equipment for the internet, said it had slashed its net losses by a third last year and would sell its subsidiary Enterprise to a Chinese firm

7 Feb 2014


Alarm call wakes comet probe

PARIS, FRANCE: An alarm clock in deep space woke the comet probe Rosetta ahead of a key phase in its 10-year mission, European scientists said.

21 Jan 2014


Europe launches billion-dollar Gaia telescope

PARIS, FRANCE: The European Space Agency (ESA) launched an advanced telescope designed to detect a billion stars and provide the most detailed map yet of the Milky Way.

20 Dec 2013


New consoles, games keep market growing

PARIS, FRANCE: The global video gaming market is set to grow 11.1% a year until 2017, boosted by a new generation of consoles and the increasing popularity of online games, according to Idate digital research and consultancy firm.

10 Dec 2013

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