Comedy defensive driving courses offer great experience

Driving students can now learn everything there is about driving safety by listening to popular comedians...

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 19 Apr 2017


Transport of the future takes many shapes at tech show

In the future world of mobility, you might be traveling in a car, on a bike or a personal air transporter - with a range of new possibilities raised by connected technology...

12 Jan 2016


Android software to be used in cars, watches, TVs

SAN FRANCISCO, USA: Google has set out to expand its Android operations beyond smartphones to cars, watches and televisions.

26 Jun 2014


No regrets for Hamilton over Mercedes move

AUSTIN, USA: Lewis Hamilton on Thursday (15 November) rejected McLaren team chief Martin Whitmarsh's suggestion that he was having regrets and second thoughts about his decision to leave and join Mercedes next season.

16 Nov 2012


Fernando Alonso joins Oakley family

FOOTHILL RANCH, US: Shades manufacturer, Oakley, Inc. has announced that Fernando Alonso has joined the Oakley family of pro racers. A two-time world champion, the Formula One racing driver will serve as an ambassador for Oakley in Europe and around the world.

24 Jun 2011

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