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The need to protect yourself from evil domain name system (DNS) servers - Maximizer Software
The need to protect yourself from evil domain name system (DNS) servers

A popular way for cyber criminals to execute their attacks on internet users is to manipulate an individual's online behaviour in that they change their internet settings to direct them to domain name system (DNS) servers that they have been created in order to pretend to be something that they aren't to receive payments or obtain confidential personal data. DNS servers are integral to the operation of the internet in that they make it possible for computers and other devices to find each other. The attackers use these evil DNS servers to make money by setting up rogue servers that will direct individuals to websites that contain fraudulent advertising, spread malware or even trick them into revealing personal information such as bank account passwords.

Issued by Maximizer Software 31 Mar 2015 12:50

Richard Firth
Harnessing workflow and mobility

The need for connectivity, anywhere and at any time, has driven the need for organisations of all sizes to look for ways to automate business processes and ensure seamless and measured communication between the company, employees and consumers.

By Richard Firth 30 Mar 2015 14:20

High performance customer experience management
High performance customer experience management

The ultimate result of today's many business challenges is that it is more important now than ever that companies know their customers better. That is the end goal of customer experience management, and yet, many companies still fail in obtaining a holistic operational view of the customer, and as a result, fail in upping their game in terms of experience management.

25 Mar 2015 14:37

HiHelen website lauds the good
HiHelen website lauds the good

HiHelen is a website for South Africans who believe in giving credit where it's due by sharing their experiences of outstanding service. The platform is developed to highlight excellence and positive feedback about businesses and organisations that go all out to provide fantastic customer care.

25 Mar 2015 13:21