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Manufacturing Indaba 2018

AI will transform practice of marketing

AI continues to be the buzzword du jour to describe a host of "intelligent" features aiming to augment the functions performed by marketers in their everyday jobs...

18 May 2018

Designing a great customer journey can help even the smallest digital offering

From the moment they click onto an e-commerce site, customers develop a lasting impression of your brand...

By Brendon Williamson 18 May 2018

WhatsApp, the new lens into consumer lives

How do we provide front row seats for clients into consumer lives? Well, WhatsApp is a great way to start...

By Mpho Mpofu 16 May 2018

CMOs struggling to fully optimise routes to revenue

Joint study reveals marketers are spending more time in meetings about collaboration than growing relationships with customers looking to more deeply engage with brands...

16 May 2018

#AfricaMonth: The time to become a disruptor is now

Are African businesses ready to become disruptors? Disruption is a trendy term - but disruption has been around since the big bang, and we've seen it operating through time at different scales...

By Brett St Clair 15 May 2018

Overcoming customer aversion to innovative retail technologies

In a dynamic business world, characterised by shorter product life cycles, growing customer demands and intense competitive rivalry, innovation is increasingly being considered a key element in a business's strategy to attract and maintain customers.

By E van Tonder and DJ Petzer 15 May 2018

Data-driven processes to drive e-commerce campaign success

Every year, online retailers market their Mother's Day promotions, but many continue to do so with what appears to be little regard for what their customers want or need...

By Wynand Smit 11 May 2018

How African businesses can comply with new EU data laws

The six steps that African businesses can take to comply with new European Union data privacy laws...

By Pieter Bensch 9 May 2018

Chief marketers believe their jobs are at risk if customer experience strategies fail

76% of CMOs believe their jobs are on the line if customer engagement doesn't satisfy digitally demanding consumers; only 10% can measure financial impact...

2 May 2018

Banks need to rethink customer experience

For many, banking seems to be driven completing forms and then waiting for someone to tell them whether they qualify for a particular product. Living in a digital age, this is no longer good enough...

By Chantel Troskie 30 Apr 2018

Creating great CX through engaged employees

Great customer experience is the holy grail of business. After all, if the customer journey is satisfying and helps the customer achieve success, they're far more likely to become a loyal customer, even a brand ambassador...

Issued by Interact RDT 24 Apr 2018

Empathy - a two-way street in customer service

It's no secret that personalisation is essential in developing a successful customer experience. Central to that is getting to know all you can about your customer and using that information to drive the interaction...

By Wynand Smit 18 Apr 2018

Are you asking the why beyond the why?

Your company is planning on launching a competitive product offering to new regions that, if successful, is set to shake up the market and monumentally increase your brand awareness and profit margins across the country. The most important thing to plan your go to market strategy? Know thy customer...

By Lara-Anne Derbyshire 18 Apr 2018

The role of mobile in building brand loyalty

With falling consumer confidence and a slow economic growth outlook, brands are intensifying the fight for consumer loyalty...

By Nicholas Bednall 16 Apr 2018

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