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$1.5tr growth opportunity at risk as digital collaboration fails

According to new research by Accenture, $1.5tr growth opportunity, or 2.2% of global GDP, is at risk, as large and small businesses are failing to use digital collaboration to innovate together.

9 Oct 2015 10:33

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Mobile contributes US $100bn to sub-Saharan Africa

The GSMA launched the Mobile Economy Report for sub-Saharan Africa 2015 at Mobile - 360 in Cape Town, yesterday, 8 October 2015. The report found that the mobile industry in sub-Saharan Africa contributed more than US $100 billion to the region in 2014 - equivalent to 5.7% of the region's GDP.

9 Oct 2015 09:31

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What SA thinks of our #RWC2015 chances

This week, our 'Biz Online Insights' section explores the South African online population's views on the Springboks' chances of making it to the finals of the #RWC2015...

9 Oct 2015 06:00

SAARF AMPS June 15 results released
SAARF AMPS June 15 results released

The second-last installment of SAARF's All Media and Products Survey has been released. Amongst information on demographics, banking habits, and product and brand consumption, SAARF AMPS Jun 15 (2015A) provides audience data on South Africa's media for the July 2014 to June 2015.

8 Oct 2015 13:01

South African consumers diminishing in brand loyalty
South African consumers diminishing in brand loyalty

Consumer loyalty in South Africa is still declining, largely because we consume the brands we are loyal to but less frequently. This is indicative of economic and lifestyle pressures and because of a mind-set, which is being inculcated into young people and the way they are being raised.

7 Oct 2015 14:39

Cyberattacks an increasing threat to the entertainment and media industry
Cyberattacks an increasing threat to the entertainment and media industry

As cybercriminals find new and innovative ways to defeat security measures and controls, entertainment and media companies are increasingly becoming targets for cybercrime worldwide. According to PwC's latest Entertainment and Media Outlook: 2015-2019 report, theft of intellectual property or commercially sensitive information, amongst others, is identified as one of the biggest concerns for entertainment and media companies, with far reaching consequences such as impaired reputations, profitability and undermining business models.

7 Oct 2015 11:41

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The township talk: getting to know your consumers

With its founder going so far as to state the LSM isn't being used correctly, how do you get to know your consumers based in the townships? By holding daily, meaningful conversations with them, says Brands Laduma CEO Peter du Toit...

By Leigh Andrews 5 Oct 2015 12:00