AI: Fears will fade, opportunities will surface
AI: Fears will fade, opportunities will surface

It's 1492 and the printing press is starting to gain traction. This bothers a very select group of people very much. Monks, who had for hundreds of years been painstakingly copying out the scriptures word for word, are about to be replaced. A monk named Johannes Trithemius goes as far as writing an essay espousing the moral superiority of handwriting, claiming that handwritten books would last far longer than their printed counterparts. But nothing can stop the march of progress, and the printing press goes on to revolutionise the way we share information. Today, books are a cultural cornerstone, and monks are enjoying a lot more free time. It all worked out in the end.

By Craig Hannabus, Issued by Havas Johannesburg 2 days ago

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Columinate on non-conscious insights as the measure of tomorrow

On Friday, 9 March, I attended the Columinate research presentation on the measure of tomorrow, where I learned that up to 90% of consumers' decision-making is non-conscious. Here's further proof why your brand needs to tap into consumers' non-conscious decisions.

By Leigh Andrews 2 days ago

#FutureAdAfrica: Brand safety is not optional, support local publishers
#FutureAdAfrica: Brand safety is not optional, support local publishers

Marc du Plessis, joint CEO of Spark Media and head of the Publisher Council of the IAB, gave a keynote address at the first edition of Future Ad Africa in Johannesburg yesterday on the subject of brand safety, trust and supporting the independent press.

By Jessica Tennant 2 days ago

Examples of retailers employing the new rules of attraction.
The new laws of attraction to survive the retail apocalypse

In the second of three sessions held at FCB Cape Town, open to staff and clients alike, FCB Red Chicago's retail strategy group lead Curt Munk explained that retailers and marketers alike need to understand the new laws of attraction in order to survive what he dubs 'the retail apocalypse'.

By Leigh Andrews 13 Mar 2018

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Thank you NSRI - For saving lives, and making great ads

We love a good ad. We love a good ad, because we love a good story told in a few moments.

By Henk Pretorius, Issued by Columinate 12 Mar 2018