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Manufacturing Indaba 2018

Research reveals cinema ads deliver strong ROI

Independent research into cinema advertising in South Africa has highlighted the power and impact of the medium...

8 hours ago

The line between news and advertising is blurring, according to study

According to the Global Communications Report, 64% of public relations professionals surveyed predict that in five years the average consumer will not be able to distinguish between news stories (earned media) and promotional content (paid media)...

3 days ago

The 'ennial tribes: Understanding Generation Y and Generation Z South Africans

There are some interesting differences and similarities between centennials - those aged 21 and below - and millennials - those aged 22 to 35...

By Rachel Thompson, Issued by GfK South Africa 19 Apr 2018

Are you asking the why beyond the why?

Your company is planning on launching a competitive product offering to new regions that, if successful, is set to shake up the market and monumentally increase your brand awareness and profit margins across the country. The most important thing to plan your go to market strategy? Know thy customer...

By Lara-Anne Derbyshire 18 Apr 2018

E-commerce and millennials

Millennials have such close ties to online shopping and smartphone usage, but what does e-commerce mean to them?...

By Fiona Brauns 18 Apr 2018

Why is loneliness becoming an epidemic?

With 7.3 billion people to connect with, why is loneliness becoming an epidemic...

By Raleen Bagg 17 Apr 2018

Are SA's coffee consumers becoming connoisseurs?

Insight Survey's latest SA Coffee Landscape Report 2018 carefully unfolds the global and local coffee markets based on the latest information and research...

Issued by Insight Survey 16 Apr 2018

Third of South Africans feel mobile browsers are safer than social media apps

Opera's State of the mobile web report Q1 2018 reveals one-third of the surveyed internet users believe a mobile browser offers them more privacy features than a standalone social media app...

12 Apr 2018

Cognitive confusion - measuring non-conscious effects in buying behaviour - prediction and big data

Until the mid-70s, attention was paid primarily to building models that would explain consumer behaviour. It's a matter of record that the most successful of these was the Conversion Model...

By mike broom 12 Apr 2018

IPRN survey reveals how online influencers are leveraged around the world

The International Public Relations Network (IPRN) surveyed its members to uncover ways brands can leverage their relationships with bloggers and influencers all around the world...

10 Apr 2018

BMi Research in partnership with BlackCurve brings price management solution to South Africa

One of the greatest challenges facing today's online retailers is accurate pricing. In fact, it's such a business-critical activity that getting it right - provided the data and pricing are accurate - is more than likely to result in an increase in sales and ultimately profits...

Issued by BMi Research 10 Apr 2018

Roots 2019 survey set to release 'powerful insights'

There is much anticipation around what the latest findings from the updated Roots questionnaire will reveal, particularly around digital trends, when the data is released in early 2019...

9 Apr 2018

Brand South Africa releases results from Domestic Perceptions Research

Brand South Africa has released findings from a new 2017 Domestic Perceptions Research project which aims to develop insight into how South Africans perceive the nation brand...

6 Apr 2018

Marketing insights from Selvan Naidoo, CEO of Marketing2theMax

Selvan Naidoo, CEO of Marketing2theMax, offers marketing tips and insights as a thought leader in the industry...

Issued by Marketing2theMAX 6 Apr 2018

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