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Bank advertising: a hit-or-miss
Bank advertising: a hit-or-miss

SA's big five banks spend millions of rands on advertising, a substantial amount of which is being spent on ads that miss the mark, according to market research agency Columinate, but audiences don't mind an ad that pushes a product or tells a story, as long as it's done well...

By Jessica Tennant 1 Dec 2017

Empowering millennials through mobility
Empowering millennials through mobility

The millennial generation is changing the game globally - more specifically: how they communicate with businesses, what and how they purchase, and what they value most...

By Des Fenner 17 Nov 2017

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Data visualisation tools provide a view of the customer journey beyond marketing

One of the largest challenges that organisations face in becoming more data-driven is to bring data together from different systems across and within departments...

By Richard Mullins 13 Nov 2017

Hannari Slabbert
Predicting the future with WGSN trends

Global trends authority WGSN launched its latest trends research to South African audiences in Cape Town on 9 November...

By Louise Marsland 9 Nov 2017

ABC Q3 2017 results continue declining trend
ABC Q3 2017 results continue declining trend

The Audit Bureau of Circulations of South Africa (ABC) third quarter results released this morning show the continuation of the declining trend seen in Q1 and Q2 of this year, both in the press and magazine categories...

By Danette Breitenbach 8 Nov 2017

#Trending: The rise of consumer resilience
#Trending: The rise of consumer resilience

How are people coping in this new connected world? A global study from Viacom looks at The Next Normal: Rise of Resilience among consumers, including from Nigeria and South Africa, and how brands should respond...

By Louise Marsland 7 Nov 2017

If all banks closed today, would South Africans miss them?
If all banks closed today, would South Africans miss them?

Findings about the South African market from WE's inaugural Brands in Motion research shows consumers don't care as much about fancy banking app features as they do about their values and how banks align with these...

By Sarah Gooding-Kobus 26 Oct 2017

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Advertising effectiveness has been captured by ‘liking'

Whatever has happened to the idea of advertising effectiveness?

By mike broom 6 Oct 2017

Peter Langschmidt, the PRC’s lead research consultant.
The Establishment Survey, a foundation for a brave new world

The Establishment Survey (ES) is a multi-purpose, multi-media survey providing context for all media platforms and all media currencies in South Africa...

By Danette Breitenbach 6 Oct 2017

Taking a closer look at media monitoring, AVE and regulation - Part three
Taking a closer look at media monitoring, AVE and regulation - Part three

In the final chapter of this three-part series on media monitoring, ROI Africa's Tonya Khoury shares insight into some of the biggest campaigns she's witnessed as well as some of the trends emerging in PR...

By Angie White 4 Oct 2017

Experiences are the new black
Experiences are the new black

It is no longer chic to be chic and wealth is not displayed anymore. Consumers are no longer buying goods; instead they are spending on experiences...

By Danette Breitenbach 22 Sep 2017

Consumer spending leads economic recovery
Consumer spending leads economic recovery

The recent launch of the Mastercard SpendingPulse Report is a first for South Africa. The Report is an early indicator of consumer spending trends...

By Danette Breitenbach 21 Sep 2017

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Are TV audiences declining?

At first it's hard, if not impossible, to get a grip on TV audiences. It will remain difficult until the industry has some real and solid research to confirm whether it's one way or the other...

By Chris Brewer 18 Sep 2017

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#Pamro2017: Why most quantitative research is inefficient and wasteful

Mike Broom elaborates on why he says most quantitative research and advertising spend is wasteful and inefficient at #Pamro2017...

By Juanita Pienaar 6 Sep 2017

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Data is the key to successful email marketing

The single most important factor for a successful email marketing campaign is the quality of the data...

By Ross Sibbald 1 Sep 2017

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#Pamro2017: Key learnings and challenges from SA Outdoor Measurement Council's journey

Sanna Fourie, head of statistics at Ask Afrika sheds light on the challenges and learnings from the SA Outdoor Measurement Council's journey...

By Juanita Pienaar 30 Aug 2017

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#Pamro2017: How the affluent engage with international media brands

Sonia Marguin, head of research for Euronews/Africanews and Nathalie Sodeike, director at MediaCT (Ipsos) in Holland shares some key insights from the Ipsos Affluent Study at #Pamro2017...

By Juanita Pienaar 30 Aug 2017

#Pamro2017: The reason African Lions is a critical research study for Africa
#Pamro2017: The reason African Lions is a critical research study for Africa

What happened to the ‘Africa Rising' narrative woven around Africa's burgeoning middle class, that was supposed to catapult Africa into double digit growth...?

By Louise Marsland 29 Aug 2017

Kui Kariuki
#Pamro2017: The challenges in changing media consumption habits

How does ‘going digital' in the television market affect content and viewership patterns? Kui Kariuki from Ipsos Kenya looked at what happened with Kenya's digital migration...

By Louise Marsland 28 Aug 2017

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Small things can produce massive results

Sometimes, when I'm wandering around I'm absolutely amazed at how many traders get it wrong. With a little thought they could do so much better. It's just mostly simple and obvious things...

By Chris Brewer 28 Aug 2017

#WomensMonth: ‘Like a girl' means downright amazing things
#WomensMonth: ‘Like a girl' means downright amazing things

An interview with Jeanne du Plessis, Procter & Gamble South Africa spokesperson, to find out how the Always #LikeAGirl campaign is influencing South African girls, in accordance with its latest survey, conducted locally...

By Jessica Tennant 25 Aug 2017

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#WomensMonth: It's not pie...

According to AdAge, only 11% of creatives globally are female. And the 3% Conference started a few years back because someone worked out only 3% of creative directors were women...

By Sonja Fahn 24 Aug 2017

César Vacchiano
The final frontier of the independent agency

The success of South African agencies in Cannes recently is a reflection of the big talent in the country. Taking this talent and the size of the agencies into account and adding the knowledge and professionalism of South African agencies, it would be logical for the country to be a hub for the rest of the countries in Sub-Saharan Africa...

By Danette Breitenbach 14 Aug 2017

Significant losses for some in Q2 ABC
Significant losses for some in Q2 ABC

The ABC figures for Q2 released this morning contained few surprises with press and magazines declining over Q1 and over the prior year...

By Danette Breitenbach 10 Aug 2017

Analytics is critical, but data is being left out
Analytics is critical, but data is being left out

Without incorporating data from all channels, organisations will rely on a level of assumption, allowing a disconnect between what customers want and what is being delivered...

By Danny Drew 27 Jul 2017

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Fake news, fake research!

About two weeks ago saw the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, marking the mass acceptance of the smartphone. In truth, the technology had already been developed five years earlier. That technology, together with the global roll out of the internet a scant five years previously, have transformed society forever...

By mike broom 21 Jul 2017

Marketing in a recession and beyond
Marketing in a recession and beyond

Gill Randall writes that markets don't stop in a recession. According to Randall, people don't stop shopping it's just the consumer's behaviour that changes...

By Gill Randall 18 Jul 2017

How it all fits together - what comes out of Ad-Audit
How it all fits together - what comes out of Ad-Audit

We move on to practical matters and implications, having already unpacked the fact that advertising should be evaluated in terms of predictive models of both strategic intent and executional efficiency...

By mike broom 14 Jul 2017

How SA's recession is impacting consumer spending
How SA's recession is impacting consumer spending

With Stats SA reporting a 0.7% GDP decrease in the first quarter of 2017, the announcement we were all dreading finally came in June...

By Gareth Pearson 11 Jul 2017

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Measuring the consumers of advertising

In our previous two articles we referred to measurement, principally measurement of advertising. But, of course, we are talking about obtaining measures from consumers of advertising, namely human beings...

By mike broom 7 Jul 2017

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