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Cinema galleries

Skyfall Premiere

| 4 Dec 2012 15:41
Karen O’Connor, Ryan O’Connor (KFM DJ) , Alex Hulley (Marketing Manager Puma SA), Paula Hulley. - Skyfall Premiere
Natalie Becker and Omesh Authar - Skyfall Premiere
Jeanri-tine Van Zyl (Account manager at marcusbrewster, Larry Claasen (Journalist), Garron Gsell (Movember), Saadiyah Hendricks (Account Manager at marcusbrewster) - Skyfall Premiere
Brandon Berg (designer) and his sister - Skyfall Premiere
Darryl Katz (4ward-design), Lisa Cohen, Derek Olivier (4ward-design), Wandie Kramer - Skyfall Premiere
Jules Illing (Little Black Book), Clayton Morar (Entertainment reporter), Ryan Botha - Skyfall Premiere
Marina Nestel (Little Black Book), Ellen Raubenheimer (Get It), Marcus Brewster (Chairman of marcusbrewster) - Skyfall Premiere
Nicita October (Intern at marcusbrewster), Saadiyah Hendricks (Account Manager at marcusbrewster), Kelly Thuynsma (Intern at marcusbrewster) - Skyfall Premiere
marcusbrewster hosted a Cape Town Premier of Skyfall on Monday, 26 November 2012. Guests included Ryan O'Connor, Natalie Becker, designer Brandon Berg, and Saskia Falken.
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