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[TrendTalk] Will this be your future job title?
[TrendTalk] Will this be your future job title?

Are you one of those people who has already created new job titles for yourself, delighting in the opportunity to use the word "Ninja" on your QR-coded/augmented reality, digital pop-up business card?...

By Louise Marsland 7 Aug 2015 09:25

Skills shortage - Here is what you can do about it - Blast Brand Catalysts
Skills shortage - Here is what you can do about it

More and more South Africans are matriculating and getting their tertiary qualifications, yet struggle to find a job in the workplace...

By Chris Midgley, Issued by Blast Brand Catalysts 7 Aug 2015 08:56

Ivanna Granelli
Essential for companies to shift from bootcamp training to performance support

Companies need to rethink the ways that they train and manage employees if they are to maximise returns from business processes and systems...

By Ivanna Granelli 3 Aug 2015 12:11

Bryan Ndlovu
For marketers or anybody thinking about a new role and challenges

As I journey through life, I have engaged with young marketers looking for new career challenges...

By Bryan Ndlovu 23 Jul 2015 13:34

Unsuccessful business venture abroad? Chances are, you didn't do your homework
Unsuccessful business venture abroad? Chances are, you didn't do your homework

We all remember our parents telling us this a million times, "finish your homework, then you can go and play". Yet we forget to do this later in life...

By Rolf Akermann 14 Jul 2015 14:54

Ready to take your business to the next level?
Ready to take your business to the next level?

Moving from a couple of outsourced services to a position where you're ready to take on permanent staff members may not seem significant, but it's often a giant step for the small business owner.

By Abigail Munroe 19 Jun 2015 13:56

Your biggest expense, or your biggest asset? - Blast Brand Catalysts
Your biggest expense, or your biggest asset?

Chris Midgley, Strategist with Blast Brand Catalysts, talks about the real cost of investing (or not) in employees...

By Chris Midgley, Issued by Blast Brand Catalysts 10 Jun 2015 10:49

Wanted... the All-African CEO
Wanted... the All-African CEO

Company executives are pragmatic about profit. They may be innovative, but they remain practical, they do what works or has good prospects of working...

By Mosima Selekisho 10 Jun 2015 06:13

Conscious social media users
Conscious social media users

We are acclaimed to be grooming a generation of tech-savvy young people who understand the cyberspace, but how come they do not realise that what they share online could potentially damage their reputation or brand?...

By Rebone Masemola 2 Jun 2015 07:13

Candice Winterboer
Spot a good online scribe, before they're brilliant!

What experience and/or talent should an employer look for when hiring an online copywriter? Think personality characteristics, qualifications and experience...

By Candice Winterboer 15 May 2015 14:39

Madelein van der Watt
Getting to grips with the complexities of employment contracts

An effective, flexible and understandable employment contract is the basis of a good employee-employer relationship. Let's look at the basics of creating a sound employment contract...

By Madelein van der Watt 15 May 2015 09:51

Whatever you post on social networks, stays on Google forever
Whatever you post on social networks, stays on Google forever

Social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn are integrated into the lives of billions of people (roughly 1.6 billion)...

By Mxolisi Justice Nzimande 14 May 2015 09:41

Khuthalani Khumalo
When the road to your promotion seems unending...

Agencies around the country are structured in different ways...

By Khuthalani Khumalo 12 May 2015 14:00

Rolf Akermann
More for less

Recently I read about an appointment of a marketing manager at a small company with huge potential. The LinkedIn profile revealed that this new marketing manager had no marketing experience...

By Rolf Akermann 11 May 2015 14:12

Top tips for women in tech
Top tips for women in tech

As a woman with more than 17 years of work experience in the challenging and constantly evolving tech industry, I have had my fair share of learning experiences over time...

By Lynette Hundermark 30 Apr 2015 09:18

Building your dream business team
Building your dream business team

To understand the meaning and importance of a dream team, use this handy acronym: T E A M - Together Everyone Achieves More...

By Harry Welby-Cooke 18 Mar 2015 13:53

Ivanna Granelli
Building training strategy that bridges the generational divide

Today's workforce is complex and diverse, especially with digital natives starting to pour into the workplace as they complete their studies...

By Ivanna Granelli 15 Feb 2015 12:48

Greg Forbes
The benefits of job training for graduates

In a business environment calling for rapidly evolving, global and information-driven business practices and businesses, jobseekers and those currently employed need to become multi-skilled and constantly work at up-skilling themselves...

By Greg Forbes, Issued by Lion's Wing 11 Feb 2015 12:49

John French
Employee engagement equals business results

'Employee engagement' is the buzz phrase we are hearing more and more about in today's corporate world...

By John French 30 Jan 2015 14:14

TED Talks to help make work work
TED Talks to help make work work

Is work not quite working out for you at the moment? Feel like a change? Perhaps that change needs to come from within. Here are a few 'ideas worth spreading' that put a spin on the traditional work environment... (videos)

By Sindy Peters 18 Dec 2014 07:30

Elsa Gouws
People first: the role of employer brands in driving growth

The global war for talent is intensifying, making it increasingly difficult for businesses without strong employer brands to be competitive. In South Africa the talent supply/demand curve is particularly skewed...

By Elsa Gouws 5 Dec 2014 14:30

Louise Marsland
[TrendTalk] The future of work

Do you remember work before the internet? When did we become so wired and connected to everything that work no longer has set working hours?

By Louise Marsland 7 Nov 2014 12:38

Peter Drube
Digital leadership is critical

There's no denying that digital technologies are changing the way that business is done across all industries. To ensure they realise the benefits of this, companies need to make sure that they have the right kind of digital leadership...

By Peter Drube 5 Nov 2014 14:19

Why hiring the right employees is the key to business success
Why hiring the right employees is the key to business success

It's an understated fact that employees are the foundation of every business. It's not easy to find people who are motivated and ambitious - especially in an entry-level position - so if you do, best hold on to them...

By James Timpson 29 Oct 2014 13:45

Robert Reddick
Recruitment advertising is not doing the job

Most employers are not getting the quality they deserve from their recruitment advertising these days...

By Robert Reddick 29 Oct 2014 06:22

Anton Ressel
Let's stop throwing stones in the well

There is a song called 'Traffic in the Sky' by laid-back musician Jack Johnson that contains a lyric that has always stuck with me...

By Anton Ressel 4 Sep 2014 09:13

Louise Marsland
[NewsMaker] Lauren Woolf

Ogilvy & Mather South Africa recently appointed a Chief Marketing and Talent Officer - Lauren Woolf - and she intends building lifelong fans of the agency with her talent search...

By Louise Marsland 12 Aug 2014 15:41

Su-Mari Du Bruyn
Stronger together

The very nature of human beings echoes diversity. Diversity is really just differences amongst people on various aspects...

By Su-Mari Du Bruyn 12 Aug 2014 07:38

Jenny Reid
Lessons from the NPA: When the past comes back to haunt you

More skeletons have fallen out of the National Prosecuting Authority's closet, throwing security flaws within government into the spotlight once again. Could this happen within your organisation?

By Jenny Reid 15 Jul 2014 07:43

Jenny Reid
Do your employees understand professional social media?

Social media is a bit like a naïve teen's house party. Think of it as an endless online party where everyone is invited, everyone can listen or join in, or watch, at any time.

By Jenny Reid 14 May 2014 07:44

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