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Applying for a creative role? Here's what to do

Communications agencies are always on the lookout for fresh new talent, but there are many reasons why your CV and cover note could be stopping you getting a slice of the action.
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If you’re looking for a job in a creative agency, here are my top tips on what to do when you apply.


It’s important to know who the key players are in the business you are approaching, especially if you are not responding directly to a recruitment advert. Once you have established the best person to speak to, make sure their name is spelled correctly and you know a little bit about who you are contacting, especially as they will definitely do their fair share of research on you.


No matter what job you are applying for, your spelling and grammar should be perfect and that doesn’t mean a few re-reads of your documents is enough. Sometimes it’s easier to get a fresh pair of eyes to look over your CV and supporting documents to spot any mistakes you may have missed.


Don’t over complicate your cover note. Big words are nothing in the wrong context so get down to what you want to say simply and politely. Please don’t go with the likes of “I trust that this CV will suit my attention” – simply an “I have attached my CV and work portfolio” will do.


Make sure your CV is constantly up to date with new achievements and experience, particularly showing details of your current position. Managers will research you before they meet you, so inaccurate or missing info could jeopardise your chances.

Document names

Do your attachments have appropriate file names? Don’t send through ‘CV1234’ because you’re giving the impression that you may have had several failed attempts before you got it right. Simply label your CV as initial, surname and date.


Chances are that if your CV is longer than one page, anyone reviewing it is likely to just skim read it. Keep the information to one to two pages of important information; we do not need to know what award you received in Grade 9. Simple is better, it shows direction and an ability to edit key qualities – which is a good attribute to have in the workplace.


If you find yourself looking for a creative job, make sure that your CV reflects this. There are many free websites including, which allow you to create eye-catching CVs which may set you out from the pack. A four-page white Word document may be great for a corporate role, but what creatives hiring other creatives really want to see is personality in your CV.

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About Emma Glover

Emma Glover is Head of Content at GGi Communications, Johannesburg. Gillian Gamsy International is a leading integrated communications company, focusing on PR, social and digital. Its experience over 34 years spans reputation management, crisis communications, corporate and consumer PR, social media and digital, across a broad range of local and global industries and sectors.