Emma Glover

Head of Content at GGi Communications
Location:South Africa


Emma Glover is Head of Content at GGi Communications, Johannesburg. Gillian Gamsy International is a leading integrated communications company, focusing on PR, social and digital. Its experience over 34 years spans reputation management, crisis communications, corporate and consumer PR, social media and digital, across a broad range of local and global industries and sectors.
Applying for a creative role? Here's what to do

Communications agencies are always on the lookout for fresh new talent, but there are many reasons why your CV and cover note could be stopping you getting a slice of the action...

By Emma Glover 20 Apr 2017

What do global brands need to know about the SA social media market?

As an English girl living in South Africa for the last year, I have noticed stark differences in the ways brands and their audiences behave online. Not only are the content themes noticeably different to the European way of thinking...

By Emma Glover 23 Jan 2017

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