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Down the rabbit hole with the Kove collection's new addition, The White Rabbit

Situated right next door to Dalliance at the V&A Waterfront, you'll find the place Alice wish she'd found when going down the rabbit hole. The White Rabbit offers an all-day coffee shop and patisserie with a fun play on the scenery and tea-time quirkiness from Alice in Wonderland...

By Angie White 27 Nov 2017

New season, new head chef for Societi Bistro

Societi Bistro has long been a favourite of mine, so with the appointment of a new head chef, Robert Giljam, I had to confirm that my old favourite still offered all the greatness I have come to love. I was not disappointed...

By Angie White 16 Nov 2017

Taking a closer look at media monitoring, AVE and regulation - Part three

In the final chapter of this three-part series on media monitoring, ROI Africa's Tonya Khoury shares insight into some of the biggest campaigns she's witnessed as well as some of the trends emerging in PR...

By Angie White 4 Oct 2017

Taking a closer look at media monitoring, AVE and regulation - Part two

In part two of this three-part series based on the media monitoring industry, ROI Africa's Tonya Khoury explains the algorithms she uses, live sentiment tracking and big content...

By Angie White 21 Sep 2017

Taking a closer look at media monitoring, AVE and regulation - Part one

In this three-part series, I chat to ROI Africa MD Tonya Khoury about the ins and outs of media monitoring, how AVE fits into it all (and if it should), the need for regulation in the industry, and what this all means for Bizcommunity...

By Angie White 15 Sep 2017

Sweet treats and creative eats - Tessa's Bakery opens in Cape Town

On an ordinary Tuesday afternoon, the very extraordinary Tessa's Bakery opened the doors of its brand new store. The ‘Made like Mom's' bakery chose a unique location in Milnerton, Cape Town, opting to stay near to the loyal client base they've built up...

By Angie White 17 Aug 2017

MSC introduces new ships, destination and MD

Not long after appointing Ross Volk to the position of managing director of MSC Cruises South Africa, the company has also announced that it will be introducing the MSC Meraviglia...

By Angie White 24 Apr 2017

The new smart car and Zando #UnfollowTheNorm campaign creates intrigue

In a first for South Africa, the new smart forfour is being introduced directly onto the pages of Africa's largest online retailer, Zando...

By Angie White 12 Dec 2016

Tasty trendy tapas at Asoka

Asoka is definitely one of the most unique restaurants I've been to. Located in the upper part of Kloof Street, this Eastern-themed sensation combines taste and sound to create a dining experience like no other...

By Angie White 10 Nov 2016

Gourmet garden dining at Kloof Street House

Think Alice in Wonderland meets Masterchef - that's the best way to describe our experience at Kloof Street House...

By Angie White 30 Sep 2016

Heritage meets luxury at the Portswood Hotel

Harnessing a history true to the Cape, a stay at the Portswood Hotel is truly something special. After arriving at the hotel in the V&A Waterfront vicinity, the first thing we noticed as we walked into the reception hall was the well situated in the centre...

By Angie White 22 Aug 2016

A vibrant view of Cape Town at the Commodore Hotel

Located within the V&A Waterfront vicinity, the Commodore Hotel welcomed us with warm hospitality and spectacular panoramic views of the city on a beautiful sunshiny day in Cape Town...

By Angie White 11 Aug 2016

Magic moments at the Michelangelo Hotel

Arriving at the Michelangelo Hotel, situated in the heart of Sandton on Nelson Mandela Square, we were immediately struck by the elegance and prestige of this beautiful establishment...

By Angie White 26 Jul 2016

Signature coffee in a cone at The Grind Coffee Company

When I first caught a glimpse of the latest #coffeeinacone trend making a huge splash all over social media I knew I had to try it, so when I found myself in Joburg's Melrose Arch it was a no-brainer - visiting The Grind Coffee Company was a must...

By Angie White 6 Jul 2016

Snug as a bug at the Capital Mirage

Arriving at the Capital Mirage, the location is the first detail that gets you excited with a variety of trendy spots and coffee shops literally down the road...

By Angie White 15 Jun 2016

The power of video content explained by YouTube creator Grant Hinds

YouTube creator Grant Hinds shares valuable insight into online video creation and how well-suited collaborations can produce better return on investment for brands...

By Angie White 10 May 2016

#CommerceMonth: Online sales vs in-store sales

The digital landscape is booming, but now that it seems possible to do and buy almost everything online, what's happening to our counterparts out there in the 'real' world?

By Angie White 29 Apr 2016

Josh Groban fills Grand Arena with pure imagination

We were promised a special evening, but what we actually got was something of a more spectacular nature. Not only is Josh Groban a famously talented singer, songwriter and musician, he is also genuinely passionate about encouraging budding musicians, and generally just a great guy...

By Angie White 14 Apr 2016

Endless love for Lionel Richie in Cape Town

It goes without saying that Lionel Richie is an impressive performer and vocalist, with an equally talented and entertaining band...

By Angie White 29 Mar 2016

Signal your senses at the Cape Grace Hotel

Situated at the iconic Cape Grace Hotel, Signal Restaurant offers an elegant and warm dining experience within the bustling V&A Waterfront surrounds. The ambience is tranquil and sophisticated, and the service is impeccable...

By Angie White 17 Aug 2015

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