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#HappinessMatters: Designing a purpose-driven internal brand

In motivating his argument on how to design a successful internal brand, Kirby Gordon, VP of Sales and Distribution for FlySafair, referred to career analyst Dan Pink's three elements that drive employees: autonomy, mastery and purpose.

By Sindy Peters 28 Apr 2016

#HappinessMatters: How's your thinking environment?

Trisha Lord believes her life's purpose is to help others implement generative thinking across their relationships...

By Sindy Peters 26 Apr 2016

#CommerceMonth: No major alarm bells in the property market yet

We interviewed Simon Bray, CEO of Private Property, to find out how the property sector is evolving, what some of the challenges are, and how the company is staying on top of trends...

By Sindy Peters 15 Apr 2016

#CommerceMonth: Brownies & Downies upskills intellectually disabled youth

Brownies & Downies, an offshoot of non-profit organisation Our Second Home, aims to upskill intellectually disabled young adults with training in the hospitality sector...

By Sindy Peters 15 Apr 2016

#CommerceMonth: A social enterprise model that's 100% for good

Relate Bracelets has raised over R33m in the 12 years since its inception...

By Sindy Peters 14 Apr 2016

#CommerceMonth: Office space where creativity meets productivity

Imagine an office environment that feeds both creativity and productivity - interior designer Anthony Manas did just that when he founded Cube Workspace...

By Sindy Peters 14 Apr 2016

#CommerceMonth: Empowering consumers to make green choices

Robyn Smith is the head and heart behind Faithful to Nature...

By Sindy Peters 4 Apr 2016

J&G rebrands to JG Afrika

Engineering and environmental consulting company Jeffares & Green (J&G) has rebranded and, since February this year, is now known as JG Afrika...

By Sindy Peters 4 Apr 2016

#CommerceMonth: Property in360

Focusing on commerce this month on Bizcommunity, we chatted to Jay Clark, founding partner of in360, a new player in the market of marketing real estate...

By Sindy Peters 1 Apr 2016

#BrandManagerMonth: Bronwyn Feldwick-Davis of Reach For A Dream

With Brand Manager Month drawing to a close, we chatted to Bronwyn Feldwick-Davis, national marketing and communications manager of the Reach For A Dream Foundation, about brand management in the child welfare sector...

By Sindy Peters 31 Mar 2016

#BrandManagerMonth: Ed Jardim from M&R

Meet Ed Jardim, group investor and media executive at Murray & Roberts.

By Sindy Peters 3 Mar 2016

#DesignMonth: Value of architecture in sustainable development

As part of our special focus on design this February, we interviewed vice president of the South African Institute of Architects Kevin Bingham on the importance of sustainable design in SA...

By Sindy Peters 22 Feb 2016

#DesignMonth: Mobile, solar-powered energy solution seeks funding

The Greenerator aims to solve the perpetual power deficiency in Africa...

By Sindy Peters 22 Feb 2016

#DesignMonth: Mellowcabs to hit SA streets in 2016

Mellowcabs are low-cost, emissions-free, electrically powered vehicles that you'll find noiselessly zipping through South African city streets in the coming months...

By Sindy Peters 17 Feb 2016

#DesignMonth: Reimagining energy storage with LiGE

The technology used to produce renewable energy has advanced by leaps and bounds over the last 10 years, providing a greater output at lower costs. Energy storage, on the other hand, has been a persistent bugbear. LiGE believes it has the answer...

By Sindy Peters 16 Feb 2016

#DesignMonth: Student concept used in WildAid video

WildAid, impressed by the concept created by an 'agency' of students has charged ahead with it...

By Sindy Peters 15 Feb 2016

#DesignMonth: The R1bn rebirth of Sun City

Sun City's been around since 1979, and in order to stay relevant, it's had to innovate and reimagine its offering over the years...

By Sindy Peters 15 Feb 2016

Relying on imports to feed the nation

The ongoing El Niño has resulted in far below-average rainfall and very high temperatures in Southern Africa, adversely affecting agriculture in the region...

By Sindy Peters 4 Feb 2016

[BizTrends 2016] Slow but steady towards a sustainable future

In 2015 the UN adopted the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda along with 17 Global Goals. These goals provide guidance for a slow but steady march towards a more sustainable future...

By Sindy Peters 18 Jan 2016

[BizTrends 2016] The ins and outs for energy in 2016

Prices are going up, the nuclear deal's going down, natural gas wants in, renewables are certainly not out, and lithium-ion batteries are here to stay. These are some of the trends in the energy sector for 2016...

By Sindy Peters 18 Jan 2016

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