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Chris Querido of Sonar Studios.
"Award-winning work comes from creative compatibility and collaboration" - Sonar Studios

Sonar Studios owner, composer, sound designer and creative director Chris Querido let us in on his successes on the local and global award track over the past year...

By Leigh Andrews 16 Mar 2018

#FutureAdAfrica: Brand safety is not optional, support local publishers
#FutureAdAfrica: Brand safety is not optional, support local publishers

Marc du Plessis, joint CEO of Spark Media and head of the Publisher Council of the IAB, gave a keynote address at Future Ad Africa in Johannesburg yesterday on the subject of brand safety, trust and supporting the independent press...

By Jessica Tennant 15 Mar 2018

Demand for Pay-TV services from Africa's middle class
Demand for Pay-TV services from Africa's middle class

Zee TV Africa's Harish Goyal to speak at Satellite 2018 In Washington DC on Pay-TV services in Africa...

13 Mar 2018

It's official: Spotify is now live in South Africa [Update]
It's official: Spotify is now live in South Africa [Update]

The streaming music world's worst kept secret is finally confirmed to be true: Spotify will today launch in South Africa, the company's representatives confirmed in an email to Memeburn...

By Andy Walker 13 Mar 2018

Phil Thomas, CEO of Cannes Lions Festival.
#CannesLions2018: CEO Phil Thomas on the creative year ahead

Jon Ratcliffe sat down with Phil Thomas, CEO of Cannes Lions Festival, and spoke to him about his belief that there has been more change in marketing in the last year than the 10 years preceding it, and why they're launching 'ecommerce', 'experience', and 'social and influencer' Lions...

By Jon Ratcliffe 9 Mar 2018

Three applications for video in channel communication
Three applications for video in channel communication

Wynand Smit takes a fresh look at how video can be used in the channel environment, like how AI-enabled video screens can "learn" from the data you create when interacting with them...

By Wynand Smit 7 Mar 2018

Alexi Wheeler, vice president, animation production and development, Nickelodeon.
Nickelodeon's Alexi Wheeler on entering the age of content

Nickelodeon's Alexi Wheeler shares about the talk he presented at the 2018 CTIAF, how he feels about the role of women in the animation industry and elaborates on what he thinks the industry as a whole can still improve on...

By Juanita Pienaar 7 Mar 2018

Is Spotify launching in South Africa next week?
Is Spotify launching in South Africa next week?

Well well well. It seems that Swedish music streaming giant Spotify may finally make a play in South Africa....

By Andy Walker 6 Mar 2018

Human rights activist Annie Raman on Fort Review.
#FortReview: "How creativity can save lives when put to good use" - Annie Raman

Here's how Fort Review is changing perceptions and giving a voice to issues of industry equality, as well as the rise of advertising that goes beyond just punting a product to actually solving a societal issue...

By Leigh Andrews 1 Mar 2018

Netflix and bust? Or not?
Netflix and bust? Or not?

Can pay TV stations compete in the digital era? Justin Hewelt, global director for UK-based PayMedia Consulting Group, certainly thinks so. Here, in South Africa for the IAB SA Digital Summit on Thursday, he shares his views on the pay TV world in a Netflix era and other things South African marketers need to know...

27 Feb 2018

Images provided by Danilo Acquisto.
Why brands should focus on community building over the eye-balls approach

Danilo Acquisto writes that brands should build a YouTube presence now, to begin producing content that is relevant and consumable and to avoid the shotgun approach of gaining eyeballs alone...

By Danilo Acquisto 22 Feb 2018

Fort Review launches second edition, a video series
Fort Review launches second edition, a video series

Last week marked the launch of Fort Review's second edition, this time in the form of a thought-provoking nine-part video series covering everything from black excellence to erotic capital...

By Jessica Tennant 16 Feb 2018

Team Vidr, L to R: Ayomide Okunowo, Roxy Kirsten, Sean Wilson-Smith, and Chaulele Alexander Jana.
#StartupStory: Talking video on video with Vidr

In this meta-interview, I chat to Sean Wilson-Smith, founder of Vidr, about the successes on their startup life so far, along with a 5-minute video of our interview if you'd prefer to listen to rather than read his words...

By Leigh Andrews 14 Feb 2018

Colours of the Alphabet.
'Colours of the Alphabet' free to stream

AfriDocs, the free streaming platform for the best documentaries in Africa is presenting the unique film project 'Colours of the Alphabet' for streaming for free for 30 days...

13 Feb 2018

A new TV content festival announced
A new TV content festival announced

ZIFF and DISCOP Zanzibar add TV series festival to the category line-up...

12 Feb 2018

Image credit: .
Streaming platform Hulu could be wild card in Fox-Disney megadeal

Walt Disney Co.'s deal for much of the film and television assets of 21st Century Fox could help remake the streaming platform Hulu a legitimate rival to Netflix...

8 Feb 2018

Charles Murito, country manager of Google Kenya |
Google Kenya's Charles Murito on digital advertising and the age of assistance

Google SA hosted a media event earlier this week to bring media practitioners across Africa up to speed on the latest technological advancements in the digital advertising space, focusing on Google Ads in particular...

By Jessica Tennant 7 Feb 2018

Image credit: Pixabay via .
YouTube labels state-sponsored news as rules tighten

YouTube began labeling news broadcasts that get government money as it vowed to be stricter about content at the globally popular online video-sharing service...

5 Feb 2018

Fancycrave via
Global ad spend will reach $37bn in the next five years

Video advertising spend on YouTube and Facebook to grow by 130% in just 5 years...

30 Jan 2018

The who, what and why of the Ugandan Knuckles meme
The who, what and why of the Ugandan Knuckles meme

The internet is an odd and confusing place, and the gaming world's latest meme is solid proof of this...

By Andy Walker 16 Jan 2018

Colin Cullis, product owner for Primedia Broadcasting's talk stations, 702 and CapeTalk.
#BizTrends2018: Radio trends for the year ahead - podcasts, streams and subscriptions

Here are three predictions for what will become more significant for radio broadcasters in 2018: Podcasts, streams and subscriptions...

By Colin Cullis 16 Jan 2018

Television will endure in a Netflix world
Television will endure in a Netflix world

In a world where all-episodes-at-once has quickly become ubiquitous, what else will consumers want out of their entertainment experience in the future?

10 Jan 2018

Image credit: prykhodov via
Spotify hit with new copyright suit in US

A music publisher is seeking at least $1.6bn from Spotify for alleged copyright violations, the latest lawsuit to hit the fast-growing streaming company...

3 Jan 2018

Image credit: Fancycrave - .
YouTube seals deal with top music label amid streaming moves

YouTube said on Tuesday that it had sealed a licensing agreement with the world's largest music label conglomerate Universal as the video behemoth explores creating a new streaming service...

21 Dec 2017

Image credit: .
With top-end videos, Quincy Jones opens 'Netflix of jazz'

Calling it the "Netflix of jazz," legendary producer Quincy Jones is rolling out Qwest TV, a first global platform dedicated to on-demand jazz videos...

18 Dec 2017

Image credit: Pixabay - .
Will the real influencers please stand up?

A growing army of YouTube stars is finding instant fame and wealth thanks to millions of subscribers to their pages and are fast becoming as influential, and in some case more so than mainstream actors and musicians...

By Bradley Elliott 18 Dec 2017

The rise of mobile streaming TV
The rise of mobile streaming TV

Streaming media is changing the face of broadcasting: people are turning to streaming video platforms, and increasingly, consuming their media and entertainment via their mobile phones...

18 Dec 2017

Screengrabs from the #OurWorldisRed brand campaign.
#OurWorldIsRed: Recolouring the entertainment spectrum

Earlier this month, I chatted to MD Marlon Davids about their growth over the past two decades as SA's fifth terrestrial television channel and biggest independent one, as well as the channel's new #OurWorldIsRed campaign...

By Leigh Andrews 14 Dec 2017

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Netflix users watched 1 billion hours of content a week in 2017

Netflix doesn't like giving out numbers but the company has revealed that in 2017, users around the world were watching over 140-million hours of content a day...

By Julia Breakey 13 Dec 2017

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