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Vega School of Brand Leadership offers Master's programme

Responding to the need for leadership that can rethink and redesign conventional social, business and brand models, unlock value beyond the balance sheet, build brands that are genuine in adding value to peoples' lives and can collaborate with others, the Vega School of Brand Leadership offers its Master's programme.
The master's degree course will challenge participants to answer the questions: what do we expect from the future leaders of our country, our cities, political parties, businesses and organisations? What characteristics do we seek out and which skillsets do we build to ensure the future wellbeing of our economies and societies?

In designing the course, the opinions of industry thought leaders and a selection of South Africa's CEOs and heads of brand consultancies were sourced and solicited. Their responses and motivations were clear and forceful: there is a need for leadership with integrity.

This programme will produce:
  • Critical thinkers who move beyond easy categorisation on every level of strategic brand building
  • Design thinkers who will be able to deal with open-ended complexity and diversity
  • Holistic thinkers with a comprehensive approach to and responsibility for sustainability
Drs Franci Cronje and Carla Enslin will navigate the Master of Arts in Creative Brand Leadership at Vega.