Education & Training events

20 Oct 2014Write and sell articles for magazinesCountrywide
20 Oct 2014Business writing skills courseCountrywide
20 Oct 2014Grammar for writersCountrywide
20 Oct 2014Creative writing coursesCountrywide
20 Oct 2014Copy-editing and proofreadingCountrywide
20 Oct 2014Public Relations 2.0: WEB - Social Media & NetworkLimpopo
20 Oct 2014Communication Strategy for the Public SectorCape Town
20 Oct 2014People management skills for new managersDurban
20 Oct 2014Red & Yellow marketing 101Countrywide
20 Oct 2014Project administrationJohannesburg
20 Oct 2014Business EnglishJohannesburg
20 Oct 2014Wedding photography workshopCape Town
20 Oct 2014Wedding photography workshopDurban
20 Oct 2014Wedding photography workshopJohannesburg
20 Oct 2014Wedding photography workshopPretoria
21 Oct 2014The Writing Coach CourseCountrywide
21 Oct 2014The Grammar Skills Course (English 2nd Language)Countrywide
21 Oct 2014Writing for the Web CourseCountrywide
21 Oct 2014Die Tydskrifjoernalistieke KursusCountrywide
21 Oct 2014Public Relations 2.0: WEB - Social Media & NetworkRandburg
21 Oct 2014Train the trainer: course delivery skillsPretoria
22 Oct 2014Travel WritingCountrywide
22 Oct 2014Write better newslettersCountrywide
22 Oct 2014Writing for social mediaCountrywide
22 Oct 2014Write a children’s bookCountrywide
22 Oct 2014Communication Strategy for the Public SectorLimpopo
22 Oct 2014Photography in practiseDurban
22 Oct 2014Photography in practiseJohannesburg
22 Oct 2014Photography in practisePretoria
23 Oct 2014How to write a press releaseCountrywide
23 Oct 2014Write a novel courseCountrywide
23 Oct 2014Write your memoirCountrywide
23 Oct 2014Broadcast journalism courseCountrywide
23 Oct 2014Strategic events managementRandburg
23 Oct 2014Proofreading and editingCape Town
23 Oct 2014Strategic marketing for thinkersJohannesburg
23 Oct 2014Online marketing boot campSomerset West
24 Oct 2014Poetry course for beginnersCountrywide
24 Oct 2014FiksiekursusseCountrywide
24 Oct 2014The Basics of Creative WritingCountrywide
24 Oct 2014Writing for Video GamesCountrywide
24 Oct 2014
Blue Magnet Digital Solutions
Cape Town social media marketing for business
Know how to grow social media presence, increase engagement, track your brand's online reputation.
Blue Magnet Digital SolutionsCape Town
25 Oct 2014Portrait photography workshopCape Town
25 Oct 2014Portrait photography workshopDurban
25 Oct 2014Portrait photography workshopJohannesburg
25 Oct 2014Portrait photography workshopPretoria
25 Oct 2014Vega School Open DayCape Town
25 Oct 2014Vega School Open DayDurban
25 Oct 2014Vega School Open DayJohannesburg
25 Oct 2014Vega School Open DayPretoria
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