22 Nov 2018Retirement Fund Trustees’ TrainingPretoria
22 Nov 2018Employment Equity Committee Development 2018Johannesburg
26 Nov 2018Human Resources Metrics and Analytics 2018Johannesburg
26 Nov 2018Concepts, Design and Modelling for Extended Data WarehousingRandburg
26 Nov 2018Business writing skills courseCountrywide
26 Nov 2018Concepts, Design and Modelling for Extended Data WarehousingRandburg
26 Nov 2018
Concepts, Design, and Modelling for Extended Data Warehousing
Course covers the Extended / Modern Data Warehouse concepts, dimensional modeling and much more
26 Nov 2018Introduction to Compliance Training CoursePretoria
28 Nov 2018Contracts and Vendor Management Masterclass 2018Johannesburg
28 Nov 2018HR Metrics and AnalyticsCape Town
3 Dec 2018Stakeholder Reputation Management MasterclassJohannesburg
4 Dec 2018Diversity ManagementJohannesburg
4 Dec 2018Mail & Guardian B-BBEE for TransformationJohannesburg
5 Dec 2018Human Resources Laws Update Conference 2018Johannesburg
5 Dec 2018Concise dashboard reporting in ExcelJohannesburg
6 Dec 2018Reputation Risk & Crisis Management Master ClassJohannesburg
11 Dec 2018Performance Management and Performance Appraisals 2018Johannesburg
24 Jan 2019Two-Day Design Thinking Fundamentals CourseCape Town
24 Jan 2019FIDIC Claims - Management of Claims and Resolution of Disputes 2019Johannesburg
11 Feb 2019Conduct Effective Interviews and Hire The Right PeopleJohannesburg
13 Feb 2019Total quality managementPretoria
18 Feb 2019Outcomes-based monitoring and evaluation implementationPretoria
20 Feb 2019Three-Day Design Thinking Workshop for Innovation Leadership February 2019Cape Town
26 Feb 2019Happiness in the Workplace Conference 2019Johannesburg
26 Feb 2019Process Modelling for Business OperationsPretoria
4 Mar 2019Effective Stakeholder ManagementPretoria
6 Mar 2019People Management SkillsDurban
11 Mar 2019Three-Day Design Thinking Facilitation TrainingCape Town
11 Mar 2019Human resources, communication and scope management in projectsPretoria
11 Mar 2019Business Rescue Decision-MakingPretoria
12 Mar 2019Skills Development Master Bootcamp 2019Durban
14 Mar 2019Second Annual Graduate Employability Conference 2019Johannesburg
25 Mar 2019Effective Risk ManagementPretoria
8 Apr 2019Business ManagementPretoria
24 Apr 2019Programme in Office Management and Secretarial DevelopmentPretoria
6 May 2019Process Modelling for Business OperationsPretoria
20 May 2019Effective Stakeholder ManagementPretoria
31 May 2019SA Workers Red Carpet CeremonyJohannesburg
3 Jun 2019Effective Risk ManagementPretoria
10 Jun 2019Process Management for Business OperationsPretoria
18 Jul 2019Fourth Annual Employment Equity Conference 2019Johannesburg
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