18 Dec 2017Business writing skills courseCountrywide
8 Jan 2018Business writing skills courseCountrywide
9 Jan 2018How to Change your Leadership Stylefremont
29 Jan 2018Conduct Assessments CourseJohannesburg
29 Jan 2018Business writing skills courseCountrywide
29 Jan 2018Two-Day Design Thinking Fundamentals CourseCape Town
15 Feb 2018Call Centre Seminar 2018Johannesburg
20 Feb 2018Organisational Development ConferenceJohannesburg
21 Feb 2018Short Course in supervisory management skillsPretoria
22 Feb 2018Design Thinking and Empathy GenerationCape Town
22 Feb 2018Mail & Guardian AI and Robotics - impact on workforce and action planJohannesburg
26 Feb 2018Outcomes-Based Monitoring and Evaluation Implementation
5 Mar 2018Management development programmePretoria
6 Mar 2018Auditing HR ProcessesJohannesburg
12 Mar 2018Effective stakeholder managementPretoria
13 Mar 2018
HR Directors Conference 13- 14 March 2018
Don't miss the HR Directors Conference 13-15 March 2018. [[]]
13 Mar 2018HR Directors Conference 13-15 March 2018Pretoria
26 Mar 2018Short course in total quality managementPretoria
9 Apr 2018Senior management programmePretoria
13 Jun 2018Pension law updateCape Town
8 Nov 2018Pension law updateCape Town
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