21 Jun 2018Recognition of Prior Learning Masterclass 2018Durban
11 Jul 2018Learnerships and Skills Taxation Conference 2018Johannesburg
17 Jul 2018Third Annual Employment Equity Conference 2018Johannesburg
17 Jul 2018Business Agility event 2018Sandton
17 Jul 2018Business Agility event 2018Sandton
17 Jul 2018Business Agility 2018Johannesburg
24 Jul 2018The Skills Development Master Conference 2018Cape Town
25 Jul 2018Contracts and contractor management masterclass 2018Durban
26 Jul 2018Personal Assistant/Secretaries ConferenceRosebank
30 Jul 2018Short Course in Advanced Grow CoachingPretoria
30 Jul 2018Advanced Course in GROW CoachingPretoria
13 Aug 2018Senior Management ProgrammePretoria
13 Aug 2018Short Course on Project Management Principles and Practices in OrganisationsPretoria
13 Aug 2018Effective risk managementPretoria
14 Aug 2018The Human Resources Conference 2018Pretoria
23 Aug 2018Women In The Workplace Conference 2018Johannesburg
3 Sep 2018Management Development ProgrammePretoria
3 Sep 2018Management Development ProgrammePretoria
12 Sep 2018People Management SkillsJohannesburg
13 Sep 2018Training Committee Development Conference 2018Johannesburg
20 Sep 2018Conflict Management and Effective Team Building Workshop 2018Johannesburg
27 Sep 2018Fundamentals of Project ManagementJohannesburg
1 Oct 2018Certified rescue analyst programmePretoria
8 Oct 2018Employment Equity Committee Master Conference 2018Johannesburg
15 Oct 2018A Contextual-Collaborative Approach to CoachingPretoria
15 Oct 2018Short course on project management principles and practices with MS ProjectsPretoria
15 Oct 2018Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam Preparation WorkshopPretoria
19 Nov 2018Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) preparatory workshopPretoria
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