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Virgin gets active on MTN, Vodacom

NEWSWATCH: Virgin Mobile launched around seven years ago, but it hasn't grown as hoped, and the company's CEO puts the blame for that on MTN and Vodacom, reports BD Live.

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  • BD Live: Virgin hits out at MTN, Vodacom... Virgin Mobile has only 500,000 subscribers after seven years in operation, and the company's CEO reckons the two main players, and what he claims to be their anti-competitive behaviour, are to blame for his company's slow growth in subscriber numbers.

    Well, that is pretty much par for the course... The main players in any sector can be expected to protect their market share against newcomers, so it's not surprising Virgin Mobile appears to have faced an uphill battle.

    Did they use what VM's CEO claims to be anti-competitive behaviour against his company? He apparently says they have, but they will almost certainly defend their actions and strategies.

    The lesson for all newcomers? Have deep pockets, and think out of the box - whatever any sector's current players might say about welcoming competition, don't expect an easy ride - because you won't get one.

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Mark Kronenberg
For the likes of me I find it difficult to understand why a brand like Virgin is battling in this sector. When you lose a battle don't blame the enemy. Try a little "instant wisdom" instead.Mark
Posted on 10 Jun 2013 11:21