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Joe Public gives Dial Direct 'less yada yada, more ching ching'

Issued by: Joe Public | 25 Feb 2010 12:39
Independently owned creative agency Joe Public has taken its new client Dial Direct from cutting out the middleman to simple, smart insurance. With the use of Hand Heads, its first creative execution is turning heads... er... hands and heads.
"Dial Direct's past communication has focused on broad category advertising,” says Joe Public's managing director Gareth Leck, “The new campaign offers more specific and unique insurance solutions, while spouting a lot less ‘yada, yada, blah blah, etc etc' and a lot more ching ching.

“Our creative teams created the campaign line ‘Less Yada Yada, More Ching Ching' - it's catchy and memorable while still carrying a compelling insurance solution.”

The Hand Heads advert shows two Sandton based ‘kugel' women, with superimposed hands instead of heads. They are discussing their insurance woes while standing in front of a parking pay-point, rather than paying for their parking ticket. The man behind them begins to get impatient at their incessant babbling and interrupts the women, cutting their insurance discussion short with a simple solution from Dial Direct - ‘track and submit your claims online'.

The Hand Heads creative is a multi-channel campaign and has been developed for TV, print, online, outdoor, radio and social media.

The Joe Public team who created the Dial Direct Hand Heads campaign is Account Director Thora Cillié; Account Manager Tiaan van Jaarsveldt; Copywriter Clint Bechus; Art Director Simon Keeling and TV and Radio Producer Bronwyn James.

Bradley Du Chenne, spokesperson for Dial Direct Insurance, says, “We are very impressed with this smart campaign and are already starting to see results.”

About Joe Public:

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