Philippa Clayre

Head of Corporate Communications at J. Walter Thompson MEA


Philippa re-joined JWT in 2011 as Head of Corporate Communications for the agency's Middle East and Africa region. Her role involves narrating JWT MEA's diverse range of stories to both internal and external stakeholders, finding innovative ways for the brand's vision, mission and purpose to come alive.
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You strike a woman, you strike a rock (Part 2)

This a continuation of Philippa Clayre's article where she interviewed three young black South African women on what Ma Sisulu's legacy means to the younger generation today...

By Philippa Clayre 14 Aug 2018

You strike a woman, you strike a rock (Part 1)

Sixty-two years ago, they signed a petition. Sixty-two years ago, they marched to Pretoria with that petition. And sixty-two years ago after leaving the petition at the door of the prime minister's office, they sang as one, "Wathint' Abafazi Wathint' Imbokokodo" - you strike a woman, you strike a rock...

By Philippa Clayre 8 Aug 2018

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