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#Newsmaker: Producer Eddie Chitate launches Africa's newest streaming platform
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New monetisation models for media are needed
Video Exchange Africa, AfricaCom Panel (L-R): Siddhartha Roy, Cees van Versendaal, Russell Southwood, Ryan Solovei.
John Ugbe.
Managing director for the A+E Networks Africa's EMEA territories, Dean Possenniskie. Image supplied.
Kantar CEO, Eric Salama. Image supplied.
Vukani Mngxati, chief executive officer for Accenture Africa.
4 trends shaping the future of TV and entertainment
Africa Video Forum, AfricaCom 2018.
General manager for the Middle East and Africa, Amanda Turnbull.
How to deal with the troll armies
#AfricaMonth: Media companies need to invest in African content
TV celebrity and CEO of Special Effects Media, Danilo Acquisto. © .
Alexi Wheeler, vice president, animation production and development, Nickelodeon.
Joseph Hundah
Kui Kariuki
Imposing one story on Africa is doing it a disservice
Kasunda elected as MISA regional chair
Sentech loses high court battle
African people disillusioned with leadership - Moeletsi Mbeki
Concern mounts over missing SA journo as govt scrambles to assist
African politicians ban media to avoid criticism - Henry Maina
Dario Milo and media law: is legal sky a limit for journalists?
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