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Oppenheim Architecture completes water purification plant in Swiss forest

Miami, New York and Basel-based practice Oppenheim Architecture has completed a water purification plant in a protected Swiss forest in Muttenz. Commissioned by OAD Europe to design the city's new municipal water purification plant, the structure has been designed as a natural rock form made of a mixture of stone and clay.
All images © Börje Müller

Named Muttenz Water Plant, the building, covering a total 19,806ft2 area, is settled between the protected forest and the nearby industrial parks. The building is envisioned as a model of sustainability, extremely sensitive to its contrasting setting near the Rhine riverfront.

Muttenz Water Plant will act as an educational building to showcase the complex purification process in a stressed environment. "The unique and important function of the drinking water treatment plant is to create an expressive building," said Oppenheim Architecture.

All images © Börje Müller

The building acts as the new landmark of the town of Muttenz and the Basel area. "The role of architecture is to link and express the unique and state-of-art technology, placed in a natural ecosystem and emphasising the importance of the purification process," added the architects.

Oppenheim Architecture is known for its silent and natural forms that are adapted to its terrain. The firm, led by Chad Oppenheim, has offices in Miami, New York and Basel.

All images © Börje Müller

"We are trying to create buildings that are silent and also very powerful," said Oppenheim at the World Architecture Festival 2018. "It's all about creating a building that can be part of the landscape."

Article originally published on World Architecture Community.
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