The rise of commercial milk formulas and why it matters for the world's women and children

Our recent study shows that global commercial milk formula sales are booming. Between 2005 and 2019, world milk formula sales more than doubled from 3.5kg to 7.4kg per child...

By David McCoy, Julie P. Smith and Phillip Baker 5 Jan 2021


New report presses for radical rethink on child health

According to a new report released this week by a commission of over 40 child and adolescent health experts from around the world, no single country is adequately protecting children's health...

20 Feb 2020


Diesel fumes baffle bees says study

PARIS, FRANCE: Diesel exhaust fumes alter the flowery smells that guide bees when they forage, potentially sending them off course and putting the food-growing industry at risk, a study said on Thursday (3 October).

5 Oct 2013


Children of obese women die younger

PARIS, FRANCE: Children born to obese women were 35% more likely to die prematurely in adulthood, according to a study published on Wednesday (14 August) that warned of a growing epidemic.

16 Aug 2013


Apples losing their crunch to global warming

PARIS, FRANCE: Global warming is causing apples to lose some of their crunch but is making them sweeter, a study said on Thursday (15 August).

16 Aug 2013


Want to eat less? Use a red plate

PARIS, FRANCE: British hospitals use red trays in a programme to combat malnutrition, but may have chosen the worst possible colour, according to a study's findings released on Wednesday (26 June) linking the colour of tableware to food enjoyment.

27 Jun 2013


Too much milk sours French farmers

PARIS, FRANCE: Got milk? Too much, say French dairy farmers caught in a pricing squabble with supermarkets while missing out on the Chinese thirst for imported powdered milk.

24 Apr 2013


Salt may cause autoimmune diseases

PARIS, FRANCE: A high-salt diet may be a risk factor for autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis (MS), according to three papers published in the journal Nature on Wednesday (6 March).

7 Mar 2013


Cheese made by pre-historic man

PARIS, FRANCE: Pre-historic Man was already making cheese some 7,000 years ago, using perforated clay pots as strainers, scientists said last week.

16 Dec 2012

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