Electric cars might not yet be green, but we should buy them anyway

Our power plants may be dirty now. But unlike combustion vehicles, electric cars give us the chance to finally free ourselves from high-carbon travel...

By Ranald Boydell 3 Dec 2019


Fracking - the debate rages on

WASHINGTON, USA: New evidence that fracking may contaminate drinking water was published on Monday (24 June) in a study that's sure to add fuel to the fight over the controversial method of extracting natural gas from cracks in rocks.

26 Jun 2013


US electric car market loses power

WASHINGTON, USA: The road is getting bumpier for electric cars. Coda Automotive, one of what had been a promising crop of electric car companies, filed for bankruptcy protection this month, and said it would reorganise its operations around the electric storage market.

14 May 2013


Chrysler sells electric Fiats at a loss

DETROIT, USA: Chrysler stands to lose US$10,000 on every battery-powered Fiat 500 it sells in California, according to chief executive Sergio Marchionne.

22 Apr 2013

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