The rise of commercial milk formulas and why it matters for the world's women and children

Our recent study shows that global commercial milk formula sales are booming. Between 2005 and 2019, world milk formula sales more than doubled from 3.5kg to 7.4kg per child...

By David McCoy, Julie P. Smith and Phillip Baker 5 Jan 2021


New report presses for radical rethink on child health

According to a new report released this week by a commission of over 40 child and adolescent health experts from around the world, no single country is adequately protecting children's health...

20 Feb 2020


Coke, Pepsi fund health groups ... but fight them too: study

NEW YORK - Coca-Cola and Pepsi have given millions of dollars to health organisations while quietly fighting anti-obesity measures such as taxes on soft drinks...

14 Oct 2016


US bans 'unsafe' trans fats in food

WASHINGTON: Artificial trans fats found in everything are not safe to eat and must be removed from food in the next three years...

18 Jun 2015


Google sets up anti-ageing platform

SAN FRANCISCO, USA: Google's new company aimed at addressing problems of health and ageing has taken a step forward with its own website and mission statement.

13 Aug 2014


Coke insists fake sweetener is safe

WASHINGTON, USA: Faced with falling sales of its diet soda, Coca-Cola is running a series of advertisements in the United States that insist its sugar-free beverages, sweetened with the chemical aspartame, are safe.

15 Aug 2013


Ban on big fizzy drinks in NY falls flat

NEW YORK CITY, USA: New York's bid to ban large, sugary sodas on public health grounds suffered a new setback on Tuesday (30 July) when an appeals court upheld a ruling striking down the proposed legislation.

1 Aug 2013


US Senate approves US$955bn farm bill

WASHINGTON, USA: The US Senate approved a sweeping, nearly US$1trn farm bill that sets out agriculture policy for the next five years, including expansion of crop insurance and reduction of food stamps.

12 Jun 2013


US town bans bottled water

NEW YORK, USA: A town in the US has banned single-serving bottled water in an attempt to curb the sale of plastic bottles and reduce pollution in the state of Massachusetts.

4 Jan 2013


PR Newswire waives distribution fees for all releases related to humanitarian efforts in Somalia

NEW YORK, US: Organisations offering humanitarian aid to the victims of the devastating famine in Somalia can distribute their messages through PR Newswire at no charge. PR Newswire is waiving fees on the distribution of news releases through a global crisis package for organisations wishing to communicate their efforts of assistance towards relief from the devastating famine in Somalia.

11 Aug 2011


A 65% increase in US menu items with "healthy" claim added to restaurant menus

CHICAGO, US: Last month's recommendations from the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) confirmed what Mintel's research and consumers have already been suggesting: restaurants need healthier menus. Many restaurants have already listened. Between Q2 2009 and Q2 2010 menu items labelled as "healthy" grew 65%, according to Mintel Menu Insights.

22 Jul 2010


Children see more fast food TV ads, fewer sweets and beverage ads - study

Children saw fewer television advertisements for certain foods, including those for sweets and beverages, in 2007 compared with 2003, according to a report posted online today that will appear in the September print issue of Archives of Paediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, one of the JAMA/Archives journals. However, children now see more fast-food ads, and racial gaps in exposure to all food advertising have increased.

7 Jul 2010

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