6 Mar 2012



Petrol's on the rise... again

To the dismay of many South Africans, petrol is set to increase by 28c tomorrow, 7 March. Beat the afternoon bumper-to-bumper, and get your tank topped during the course of today. As of tomorrow, you'll be forking out R11.23 in Gauteng and R10.93 on the coast per litre. If you commute using public transport, be prepared to pay a slightly higher fare.

Good news though, for the Eastern Cape economy; First Automobile Works' (FAW), a multi-million rand Chinese vehicle manufacturing plant, is currently under construction in the province. According to, Coega Development Corporation (CDC) spokesperson, Ayanda Vilakazi, "it will be one of the biggest manufacturing investments by China in the country so far."

Congratulations to business law firm Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr for hitting top spots in the DealMakers' Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) rankings. The firm was ranked first by both deal value and deal flow for M&A activity in 2011, according to the latest DealMakers legal adviser rankings.

And, while fanboys and girls continue battling it out on the mobile electronics field over which manufacturer is best, the Samsung Galaxy S II was named Best Smartphone, while the company was named Device Manufacturer of the Year by GSMA at the Mobile World Congress trade show held recently in Barcelona, Spain. The feud, however, continues...

On a happy note, it isn't the end of the road for Pretoria-based opera and classical music group Black Tie Ensemble, whose sponsorship recently dried up. MTN is sponsoring the group R2m to keep them singing. The sponsorship will enable the group to host four concerts in Johannesburg this year. Keep the arts alive and kicking, go check them out!

Sindy Peters, Content development manager
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Velvet Sky still grounded
Velvet Sky has been unable to reinstate flights. Although the airline expected to continue with its flights today - 6 March - it will be unable to do so due to legal proceedings. Spokesman Gary Webb confirmed that the matter of the BP motion for liquidation was still pending. Velvet Sky served arguments yesterday (5 March). Read more >>

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Excuse me, Madame, is this yours?
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Awards' positive impact on Cape Town
According to a recent poll conducted by a leading South African hotel, 48% of travellers will consider Cape Town as a tourist destination due to the spate of recent accolades bestowed on the city. Read more >>


Storm Thorgerson, the last great surrealist
[Sindy Peters] Raised in a home that had Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and the like, regularly blaring from our record player, I'm not new to the enigmatic album art of Storm Thorgerson. On hearing the opening of the Raging Storm exhibition in Cape Town, I jumped at the chance to meet the man behind the fascinating surrealism, and possibly make an addition to my budding art collection. Read more >>


Extreme X-cess
[Daniel Dercksen] With films like Hangover and its sequel, producer-director Todd Phillips has turned vulgarity into an art form, and with Project X, he clearly shows that the extreme form of excess is not only entertaining and may result in box office gold, but that being offensive and rude are funny, if not hilarious. Read more >>

Gotterdammerung on the big screen
[Daniel Dercksen] Wagner's thunderous climax to The Ring Cycle, Gotterdammerung, will delight opera lovers on the big screen from 2 March for one week only! Read more >>


[Design Indaba 2012] That personal touch at the expo
[Jordan Scott] Studying at the AAA School of Advertising has given me the opportunity to go to the Design Indaba Expo for the last three years. Each year I am blown away by the creativity and innovation that moves through the veins of Cape Town, its surrounding areas and the rest of South Africa. What was most interesting about this year's event was that it had a much more "personal" feel to it. Read more >>

CineComedy - comedy in comfort
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[Eugene Yiga] My mother's Italian, my father's Jewish and I'm in therapy. Wait, that's not me. So what was I doing watching an 80-minute show about a man for whom this was true? Laughing my butt off, that's what! Read more >>

Sensational performances in Somewhere On The Border
[Daniel Dercksen] If you are looking for a hard core journey into the bleeding hearts and tortured souls of a group of young soldiers fighting for their dignity and individuality, make sure to see Anthony Akerman's powerful Somewhere On The Border at the Baxter Flipside before it ends its run on 17 March. Read more >>

Sanral to get powers to enforce toll tariffs
[Nicky Smith] The South African National Roads Agency (Sanral) will use the Criminal Procedure Act to ensure that commuters on the roads that are part of the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project pay toll fees when tolling is implemented on 30 April. Read more >>

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