A scene from the most recent Design Indaba simulcast.
#DesignIndaba2017: Simulcast in stereo

There's an excited buzz in the air as inboxes ping with confirmation tickets to next week's Design Indaba extravaganza. Here's what you can look forward to if your ticket grants you access to one of the simulcast sessions.

By Leigh Andrews 31 minutes ago

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Social media tips for businesses

Here, Jared Koning, CSO at Fatality, shares ten social media tips for businesses.

By Jared Koning 1 hour ago

Mark Ritson at CRA Conference October 2016
Radio and digital: a one-night-stand or a meaningful relationship?

There's a certain twilight zone feel about life these days. All of our absolutes are no longer absolute.

By John Walls 1 hour ago

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Why your content strategy has nothing to do with you

My house has been on the market for four months. In this time, not one person has come to view it, not even when it was on show. Not even a nosy neighbour. It's almost as bad as if no one comes to your birthday party.

By Tarryn Giebelmann 22 hours ago

Phil Molefe gives details of SABC's ANN7 funding
Phil Molefe gives details of SABC's ANN7 funding

The SABC's relationship with ANN7, the Gupta-owned TV station, has come under intense scrutiny in Parliament, with evidence surfacing that the cash-strapped public broadcaster paid up to R1m for an episode of the TNA/Morning Live breakfast shows.

By Bekezela Phakathi 1 day ago

Custom media the way of the future
Custom media the way of the future

Content that is of value and authentic will continue to grow as readers demand it, and it is custom media that is delivering this.

By Danette Breitenbach 1 day ago

Roed in action.
Getting heavy-handed on fintech community disruption with Heavy Chef Tours

Heavy Chef founder and CEO Fred Roed shares why he resigned from agency WWC at the end of last year to take the Heavy Chef ‘side project' community to the doers, globally…

By Leigh Andrews 3 days ago

Azzaro campaign lets shoppers Shazam a fragrance
Azzaro campaign lets shoppers Shazam a fragrance

Popular music recognition app Shazam and fashion and fragrance brand Azzaro announced last week the South African launch of ‘Wanted', a new fragrance for men through a world-first activation using Shazam's beacon technology.

3 days ago

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Top tips for face-to-face selling

It is common for salespeople to seek a path that offers least resistance. For example, a salesperson may prefer sending an email or making a quick phone call rather than meeting up with the customer. What the majority of salespeople don't know is that customers ignore emails and calls, which means selling products and services becomes more difficult.

By Jared Koning 3 days ago

Soccer Laduma, then and now...
#DesignMonth: Soccer Laduma proves print's not dead

Soccer Laduma newspaper has just celebrated its second decade of printing the continent's most popular sport news. CEO and founder Peter du Toit explains the digital design touchpoints that have extended the publication's longevity.

By Leigh Andrews 20 Feb 2017

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Is your brain doing what you think it's doing?

I'm never quite sure what to expect at conferences and seminars. I must have been to hundreds, possibly thousands, during my career and by and large they're ho-hum affairs.

By Chris Brewer 20 Feb 2017

AccuWeather makes advertising mobile, Michelin signs up
AccuWeather makes advertising mobile, Michelin signs up

Michelin Wiper Blades is one of the premier clients to use AccuWeather's first-to-market exclusive and contextually relevant mobile integration suite to reach consumers on the go.

17 Feb 2017