Harry Welby-Cooke
Building your dream business team

Building your dream business team[Harry Welby-Cooke] To understand the meaning and importance of a dream team, use this handy acronym: T.E.A.M. - Together Everyone Achieves More...

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Juliette Attwell
[BizCareers] Is entrepreneurial flair good or bad? How does my salary compare?

[Juliette Attwell] The BizCareers column returns once again and tackles the question of "Where do you see yourself in 10 years?" as well as the issue of salaries for specific job titles...

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Mike Stopforth
The importance of networking and mentoring as an entrepreneur

[Mike Stopforth] The word "entrepreneur" is often synonymous with glamour and a maverick lifestyle. When things are going swimmingly, being an entrepreneur is all of those things...

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Abram Molelemane
From intern to employee

[Abram Molelemane] Internships can help you get your foot in the door of the working world and also help build your career...

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Roane Swindon
Making your office a creative space

Making your office a creative space[Roane Swindon] Whether we manage people or products, a place to work and even simply relax should not be hard to come by. This place should inspire you creatively and help to keep you productive...

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Deirdre Elphick-Moore
Get promoted and make an impact - be extraordinary

[Deirdre Elphick-Moore] It's great to have a firm idea of your career ambitions and, once you have a clear goal in mind, translate it into an action statement that you can easily remember and recall every day...

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Telana Simpson
The pitfalls of self-conscious staff

[Telana Simpson] "I know that problem," he sighed, my successful entrepreneurial friend who's headed up some of South Africa's leading e-commerce organisations...

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Lauren Paul
Love makes the workplace go round

[Lauren Paul] Valentine's Day is usually reserved for showering love on someone special. But if you are in a managerial position, you probably already know that your employees could use some recognition too...

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Juliette Attwell
[BizCareers] What do I do when you've had a career blip

[Juliette Attwell] In the first BizCareers Column for 2015 we look at what to do when you feel you have chosen the wrong job - should you, or should you not add it to your CV?

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Mark Wijsman
Defining success: What are you working towards?

[Mark Wijsman] It's morning and I open my Twitter feed. The vast array of complaints come through, as those who are upset by the beginning of the new work week await yet another weekend break, which, to them (judging from their tweets), will not happen in another century or two...

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John French
Employee engagement equals business results

[John French] 'Employee engagement' is the buzz phrase we are hearing more and more about in today's corporate world...

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Deirdre Elphick-Moore
HR, is it strategically supporting your organisation?

[Deirdre Elphick-Moore] There is an increasing emphasis among business leaders on leveraging organisational capabilities in order to be more competitive...

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Roane Swindon
How to motivate your staff in the new year

How to motivate your staff in the new year[Roane Swindon] It's the new year: the festive season has come and gone; family lunches have been digested; parties have been had; and some were even lucky enough to go on holiday. It's also the time when it's most difficult for anyone to become motivated again...

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Roane Swindon
Six tricks to avoid the new year's sales slump

Six tricks to avoid the new year's sales slump[Roane Swindon] After the holidays, it is difficult for anyone to be motivated for work. Here are six tips that may help you get results through the weary start of the year...

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Sindy Peters
TED Talks to help make work work

TED Talks to help make work work[Sindy Peters] Is work not quite working out for you at the moment? Feel like a change? Perhaps that change needs to come from within. Here are a few 'ideas worth spreading' that put a spin on the traditional work environment... (videos)

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Juliette Attwell
2015 and the war for talent

2015 and the war for talent[Juliette Attwell] Social media, rapid technology growth and instant information access have all been discussed as trends to look out for in 2014. However, as the years tick by, this way of living is becoming more prevalent and resulting in more consequences for job seekers and employee seekers alike...

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Niteske Marshall
The importance of reference checks

The importance of reference checks[Niteske Marshall] Recruitment is becoming an increasingly risky business. There's been a disturbing increase in deceitful behaviour by job seekers and this can be linked to high levels of unemployment, heightened competition for jobs and an apparent decline in levels of honesty amongst the general population...

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Ingrid von Stein
Technology can cause office rage!

[Ingrid von Stein] Technology is great if you know how to use it and understand it, but if you are not all that clued up it can lead to frustration and irrational outbursts at the office, often inflicted on your co-workers...

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Christelle Bure
Emotional intelligence in leadership

[Christelle Bure] I have been asked by one of our clients to present an Emotional Intelligence (or EQ) course to its young leadership team...

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Juliette Attwell
[BizCareers] Read the fine print of your contract

[Juliette Attwell] This week we bring to light that it is imperative to read the fine print of your employment contract...

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