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Revive customer service over Easter

[Aki Kalliatakis] Easter is ideal for hatching a customer service revival across our retail and service sectors, as consumers unwrap little treats. Families have time to browse over holiday weekends; they are unhurried and receptive, creating an opportunity for shops and service providers to win customers.

Posted 5 days ago | Like
Supply chain survey underlines importance of customer service

[Kate Stubbs] One of the key elements that gave rise to this year's supplychainforesight theme, 'The Rise and Fall of Customers and Companies', was that the need to improve customer service had been ranked as a top objective by respondents for the past three years.

Posted 6 days ago | Like
Local is the new luxury

[Jessica Taylor] In light of Cape Town as World Design Capital 2014, we thought we'd talk trends, the booming quality of local design, and the role ecommerce plays in South Africa, with fashion editor and trend forecaster Zakirah Rabaney of online fashion retailer, Zando.co.za.

Posted 19 days ago | Like
Risks to consider before launching online

[Brendon Williamson] Launching a new business or taking an existing business online requires a new set of skills for companies used to a more traditional bricks-and-mortar retail environment.

Posted 21 days ago | Like
Managing online retail risks

[Brendon Williamson] Retailers moving into the online space for the first time face risks that do not exist in the bricks-and-mortar world and they need to ensure they are well protected.

Posted 1 month ago | Like
What do your customers really think of you?

[Bruce von Maltitz] Whether it is the fault of social media, or a failing to demonstrate true innovation in a rapidly changing market, customer satisfaction has become vitally important.

Posted 27 days ago | Like
Rwanda ready for retail investment

[Danette Breitenbach] The African Retail Development Index (ARDI) launched on 17 March 2014 in Johannesburg. Compiled by A.T. Kearney, which has undertaken a similar global retail Index for years, this is the first time an African Index has been compiled.

Posted 28 days ago | Like
SA vs Botswana: The Woolworths price difference

[Gwen Watkins] As the rand weakens and the pula strengthens, so consumers in Botswana find the gap in the cost of goods between South Africa and Botswana in Woolworths grows and not in their favour.

Posted 1 month ago | Like (2)
Are you a shopper marketeur?

[Jason (Frich) Frichol] Shopper marketing is a practical discipline; it shouldn't be complicated and convoluted. If you've walked the floor and you are a resolute experimenter, backed by a tenacious attitude and reasonable on-the-ground retail experience, then you probably have the credentials to become a great shopper marketer.

Posted 1 month ago | Like
Good habits of highly successful franchisees

[Sean Lilley] To be a successful franchisee or in fact a successful entrepreneur in general, you need to adopt the necessary habits for success.

Posted 1 month ago | Like
Tips for improving ecommerce customer service

[Charles Mburugu] Most people involved in ecommerce spend most of their time dealing with operations, inventory and policy. However, the most vital element of any business is the customer.

Posted 1 month ago | Like (2)
SMEs need to prioritise public relations

[Hayley Turner] Public relations is routinely under-rated or over-looked when it comes to strategy in small to medium enterprises. That often comes down to reasons which include insufficient budget, a perception of poor value-add and the tendency to lump PR into marketing, where it is seen as secondary to other activities.

Posted 2 months ago | Like
Understanding food packaging labels

[Amanda Rogaly] While a small number of people do more than glance at labels on foods, many will not understand fully what they are reading. Once consumers understand what they are reading, they can make better choices and have better conversations with their GPs and medical specialists about what they should be eating.

Posted 2 months ago | Like
[2014 trends] Delivering value in a dynamic retail environment

[Brett Kaplan] The South African retail landscape has undergone massive change and is becoming increasingly dynamic with the influx of new local and well-known international brands.

Posted 2 months ago | Like (1)
Answers to franchisee's FAQs

[Marcel Strauss] As with most new years, hopes are high, goals are set and entrepreneurs are eager to make 2014 the best year ever. While some are eager to start a business from scratch, many prefer to have more support and structure, provided when investing in an existing business such as franchising which can build on an established brand.

Posted 2 months ago | Like
Communication vital in retaining customers

[Derek Buchanan] "Miscommunication is endless," said JP Rattie. No, I'd never heard of him either, but he has described, in three words, what happens when words and messages are miscommunicated.

Posted 2 months ago | Like
Security rules for online retailers increase

[Peter Harvey] Security rules for online credit card payments are being tightened, with global associations fulfilling their first priority of protecting their own customers, the credit card holders, from any financial loss if their card data is stolen or hacked.

Posted 2 months ago | Like
Tips to keep customers happy

[Aki Kalliatakis] Ask people about the state of customer service, and there is a good chance that they will be able to tell you about at least five stories of terrible experiences - and not many positive ones.

Posted 2 months ago | Like
[2014 trends] Mall and retail trends for 2014

[Doug Mayne] I think that overall it's going to be a tough year for retailers, but those that truly embrace technology, focus on staff, their knowledge and deliver an authentic, world class experience could edge ahead of competitors.

Posted 2 months ago | Like (3)
The future is personalised engagement

[Danette Breitenbach] Given the pervasiveness of mobiles in South Africa, one would expect it to influence the retail sector greatly. However this is not the case says Jesse Green of Perk, a company that works with retailers to engage shoppers on their mobiles while in-store.

Posted 3 months ago | Like (1)