Brandon Williams
#DesignMonth: Three key retail design directions for SA in 2016

#DesignMonth: Three key retail design directions for SA in 2016[Brandon Williams] To stay relevant, retailers should reinvent their brick-and-mortar locations brand identity every three to five years...

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Jessica Taylor
Prof Elain Vlok on Clover's self-sustaining CSI model

Prof Elain Vlok on Clover's self-sustaining CSI model[Jessica Taylor] The annual Clover Mama Afrika Smarties Week, Clover's flagship CSI programme, took place in Johannesburg last week, from Sunday, 31 January to Friday, 5 February, including an awards evening for rewarding the mamas' previous years' work and commitment to their respective communities...

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Antony Bourne
The number of smart machines in manufacturing will double in the next three years

Antony Bourne[Antony Bourne] The use of smart machines in manufacturing is growing rapidly; by 2018, 50% of the fastest growing companies in the world will have fewer employees than smart machines, according to Gartner...

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Jessica Taylor
#DesignMonth: Adrian Morris on designing localised experiences

Jessica Taylor[Jessica Taylor] Having executed several projects in Ghana, Mauritius, the Seychelles and Australia, where it will be opening an office in April, Design Partnership foresees "a shift away from the cookie cutter to localised experiences, underpinned by the rise of local individuality, primarily driven by the fact that everything is everywhere today - the world has become non-differentiated, an ubiquitous sameness"...

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Jessica Taylor
[BizTrends 2016] Omnichannel still the key focus for retailers in 2016

[Jessica Taylor] In 2016, omnichannel will be integrated into every aspect of retail, according to Vend's recently released 2016 Retail Trends and Predictions report. Here's a summary of the trends that we too expect will impact the retail industry this year...

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Eugene Schalkwyk
Reaching top speed in the long-distance contact centre race

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[Eugene Schalkwyk] The goal of any customer service-driven centre is to make sure that no matter what a customer wants or needs, your contact centre can deliver it...

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Endri Hasanaj
Manufacturing: how to keep your warehouse safe

[Endri Hasanaj] The manufacturing industry comes with its own trials and travails when it comes to structuring your workplace. You've got to ensure your employees aren't in any immediate danger, that your machinery has enough space to operate, that your supplies of stock are safe from prying eyes and that all health-and-safety regulations are being met...

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Jessica Knight
[BizTrends 2016] Internet of Things unlocks retail opportunities

Jessica Knight[Jessica Knight] The Internet of Things can provide real solutions to operational challenges such as inventory accuracy, insight into customers' physical shopping behaviours and speed of fulfilment in meeting customer needs...

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Grant Marshbank
Supply chain trends for 2016

Grant Marshbank[Grant Marshbank] Supply chains - the series of events needed to get goods and services to customers at the right place, time, quality, and price - face a number of impending challenges in 2016...

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Jon Copestake
[BizTrends 2016] Steady ship, choppy waters

Jon Copestake[Jon Copestake] Although most retail markets will expand steadily in 2016, consumers and retailers alike could be vulnerable to crises of confidence...

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Jan Kühn
Gamification - motivating a contact centre sales force

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© Wavebreak Media Ltd – [[]]
[Jan Kühn] By applying the gaming principles of reward, competition, social recognition, mastery and immediate feedback (termed 'gamification'), companies can use familiar and effective strategies driven by technology to motivate, engage and retain this ever-expanding group of workers, Generation Y...

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Clinton Smith
How eco-friendly are homemade cleaning products, really?

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[Clinton Smith] While many believe that do-it-yourself cleaning products are safer for their users and the environment, because they do not contain chemicals, recent research has indicated that this may not be the case...

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Tess Sulaman
Brand loyalty is dead

Brand loyalty is dead[Tess Sulaman] Where are we headed in this fiercely competitive tech world, and how do we keep our customers satisfied?

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Lindy Barbour
[BizTrends 2016] Franchise outlook for 2016

Lindy Barbour[Lindy Barbour] Despite the economic outlook, political uncertainty, international strife, drought, and the weakening of the rand, there remains an industry oasis. It is the franchise industry, encompassing a wide array of business sectors and it continues to hold its own year on year. At Franchize Directions, we believe 2016 is going to be no exception...

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Jenna McArthur
[BizTrends 2016] The next big thing in fashion PR

Jenna McArthur
Jenna McArthur
[Jenna McArthur] The PR landscape is constantly evolving and finding new ways and means of reaching communities. Jenna McArthur, owner of fashion PR agency Jenna McArthur PR, maps out what's next in 2016...

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Matt Zajechowsk
Omni-channel retail trends

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© Mikko Lemola – [[]]
[Matt Zajechowsk] As shoppers are becoming more channel-agnostic and more omni-channel in their customer journey, the retailers that are breaking through and meeting their demands are realising the greatest returns this holiday shopping season...

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Sven Hammar
Four ways online retailers can shine this holiday season

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© ewastudio – [[]]
[Sven Hammar] It is the busiest time of the year in many retail industries and there is a substantial increase in customers looking to spend money. The National Retail Federation notes that online shoppers are expected to spend $105 billion during the 2015 holiday season...

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Robbie Johnson
Top technologies for retail at a glance

© David Molina –
© David Molina – [[]]
[Robbie Johnson] Trends change on a daily basis and it's impossible to keep up. So where are we with the current landscape of technology and where are we headed?

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Donovan Marais
Four reasons customers are still reluctant to shop online

© Antonio Guillem –
© Antonio Guillem – [[]]
[Donovan Marais] E-commerce is on the rise in South Africa. According to recent research conducted by Ipsos on behalf of FNB and Paypal, 22% of South African Internet users have made purchases online, and 48% expect to do so in future...

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Sane Mdlalose
Stimulating category growth in Africa

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© Hieng Ling Tie – [[]]
[Sane Mdlalose] There are many macro trends, globally and locally, which affect both retailers and brand manufacturers in the consumer goods space...

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