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Craft beer - for the haves and the Germans

[Owen Mbundu] There is a rather interesting development that caught my attention recently. No, the micro beer industry is not new, however its nascent ubiquity in Cape Town city is...

Posted 10 days ago | Like
Businesses have to adapt to survive constantly changing retail landscape

[Stuart HIll] Businesses have to adapt to survive a constantly changing landscape. Certainly, in the mall marketing industry, budgets have shrunk but client's demands are higher than ever...

Posted 14 days ago | Like
[CEM Summit] How to be great at customer service

[Jessica Taylor] Customer service is about people and trying to please them, but it begins with the employee, not the customer because "happy teammates equal happy customers" - Sam Sabbagh.

Posted 16 days ago | Like
The big gorilla sits wherever he wants to... or maybe not

[Aki Kalliatakis] The first time I ever heard the expression about where the big gorilla sits, I became irrationally angry...

Posted 17 days ago | Like
Independents are fuelling Africa

[John Harvey] Independent petrol retailers are making impressive gains across Africa, presenting a challenge to franchise operators for oil giants that have monopolised the continent's markets for decades.

Posted 18 days ago | Like
A life-changing event

[Danette Breitenbach] Not sure what to do with your weekend? You could spend it changing your life. Or so says Brian Walsh, CEO of the, and the brain - and funding and funding - behind the event, The Real Success Experience...

Posted 21 days ago | Like
Why do wine brands think they don't need a positioning/proposition?

[Rolf Akermann] All other categories in the liquor sector have a very strong and focused positioning. Why not wines? It seems as if wine estates believe their...

Posted 22 days ago | Like (2)
Why translation is only step one for success in international markets

[Ian Henderson] KFC succeeds in China, where Home Depot, Mattel and eBay could not, by localising the brand itself and not just its collateral.

Posted 23 days ago | Like
Checking your cell... for a car

[John Harvey] South Africans are following global trends when it comes to buying cars online, including younger motorists increasingly using their cellphones to browse for the most suitable vehicle.

Posted 29 days ago | Like (1)
Putting management back into events

[Teresa Jenkins] An event - good or bad - is viewed as a reflection of your professionalism and how your company does business. Don't leave it to chance.

Posted 29 days ago | Like
Starbucks creates addict's customer experience trifecta

[Julian Diaz] Starbucks continues to trail blaze the customer experience in order to tighten its competitive advantage with another industry first: wireless charging mats for mobile phones, so customers can charge their phones for free while enjoying a hot cup of java.

Posted 1 month ago | Like
Fablabs and designers - the future of great retail

[Dave Nemeth] With the most exciting and innovative product developments coming from crowd-funding sites, the current model of retail product development needs to drastically change, and very quickly at that.

Posted 1 month ago | Like (1)
Desirable online shopping, Q&A with Erato founder

[Cari Van Wyk] Over the past couple of years, the e-commerce industry has taken off at warp speed. Starting an online retail website has become easier and easier, but successfully creating and running an entire brand, not so much. I caught up with Erato's founder, Julie Anderson, to find out the secrets to her success.

Posted 2 months ago | Like
[Net Prophet] How the SA games industry ticks

[Sindy Peters] This year's Net Prophet attendees were introduced to two of South Africa's game industry pioneers; Danny Day and Marc Luck. The game designers gave vivid insight into the workings of a community Day had started by accident.

Posted 2 months ago | Like (3)
[Net Prophet] Future of retail is consumer-driven

[Sindy Peters] eBay's current VP of Marketing Jody Ford made some interesting predictions for the not too distant future of shopping at this year's Net Prophet conference.

Posted 2 months ago | Like (1)
80% of in-store communication is ineffective

[Jason (Frich) Frichol] It's estimated that 80% of in-store communication doesn't work on its target market, although this is probably a conservative figure when it comes to evaluating the efficacy of messaging and design in this environment.

Posted 2 months ago | Like (1)
Golden oldies make a comeback

[kershin padayachee] Not all entrepreneurs are young and, while it is vital that South Africa continues to promote entrepreneurship among the youth, there is a rising need for a focus on promoting entrepreneurship among older generations, such as retirees.

Posted 2 months ago | Like
To tip or not?

[Aki Kalliatakis] Where does tipping staff end - I just stopped off at a garage next to the highway to fill up my Smart and grab some breakfast. Petrol cost me R360, plus a R10 tip, breakfast was R63 plus a R17 tip. I also gave the roaming car park attendant another R5 for "looking after my car."

Posted 2 months ago | Like (1)
Selecting online payment methods

[Brendon Williamson] Between the traditional web payments and mobile, it seems as if there is a new payment method on the market every week. How do online retailers prioritise integration schedules and decide which payment products suit them best?

Posted 3 months ago | Like
Revive customer service over Easter

[Aki Kalliatakis] Easter is ideal for hatching a customer service revival across our retail and service sectors, as consumers unwrap little treats. Families have time to browse over holiday weekends; they are unhurried and receptive, creating an opportunity for shops and service providers to win customers.

Posted 3 months ago | Like