Evan-Lee Courie
Hisense launches revolutionary tablet and smartphone

[Evan-Lee Courie] Hisense is set to revolutionise South Africa's tablet market with the introduction of the Sero 8 Pro (F5281), reportedly the thinnest Android tablet in the country to date; as well as what is described as 'the most affordable metal smartphone in South Africa'...

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Mitchell Barker
What does Unified Communications mean for VoIP?

[Mitchell Barker] After seeing a television commercial for Apple's new iPhone 6, a friend in the US noted that it featured someone speaking on the handset and then quipped: "People actually still do that?"...

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Lutz Blaeser
Mobile malvertising skyrockets

[Lutz Blaeser] As the use of mobile devices continues to skyrocket, so do the number of threats aimed at the platform. Due to their rise in popularity, mobile devices have also become a target for malicious advertising or 'malvertising'...

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Michael Frans
Digital transformation is essential for competitiveness in the automotive industry

[Michael Frans] The automotive sector is currently faced with a number of challenges. These are driven by trends, such as the rise of new growth markets, changing consumer behaviour, an increasing need for greater fuel economy...

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Chemory Gunko
POPI and your website security

[Chemory Gunko] The Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Bill holds untold benefits for South African businesses looking to participate in the global marketplace...

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Ayanda Dlamini
How ICT and skills will sustain each other in developing Africa

[Ayanda Dlamini] ICTs can develop skills, which in turn can develop the ICT sector, in a 'benefit cycle' that can propel Africa into the mainstream knowledge economy, but more effort is needed to get this wheel rolling...

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Doros Hadjizenonos
2015: the year when businesses safeguard themselves from cybercrime

[Doros Hadjizenonos] Last year was a difficult time for businesses when it came to cybercrime...

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Eckart Zollner
Signed, WACS and delivered - now what? The opportunity for West and Central Africa

[Eckart Zollner] Construction of the USD650 million West Africa Cable System (WACS) began in 2009 and was completed in April 2011. On target, a little over a year later (11 May, 2012) the first traffic ran over the cable - from South Africa and Namibia, two countries that probably have the most advanced terrestrial fibre network in sub-Saharan Africa and the highest rates of Internet connectivity and most smartphones.

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Eckart Zollner
2014 lays the groundwork for major change in the local telecoms space

2014 lays the groundwork for major change in the local telecoms space[Eckart Zollner] There has been much investment in the South African telecoms market over the past few years, particularly with regard to undersea and terrestrial fibre backbone networks, as well as wireless mobile coverage.

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Eckart Zollner
Infrastructure sharing: new partnerships needed in SA

Infrastructure sharing: new partnerships needed in SA[Eckart Zollner] In South Africa, it's not surprising to see a street dug up in quick succession by three different telecoms network providers, all laying their own fibre optic cables. There's no sharing here, not even of installation costs. Dark fibre is very expensive to install, pricing reflects that cost.

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Eckart Zollner
Video on Demand to drive requirement for carrier neutral POPs in Africa

Video on Demand to drive requirement for carrier neutral POPs in Africa[Eckart Zollner] Video on Demand (VoD), the ability to access specific video content at a convenient time and place on a convenient device through the internet, has previously been an unfeasible technology in much of Africa as it requires large amounts of affordable, available and reliable bandwidth in order to operate...

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Martin Doyle
Is your CRM data the elephant in the room?

[Martin Doyle] As businesses look to the year ahead, budgets are being finalised and strategy is being discussed...

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Keith Fenner
How the 'Third Platform' will bring disruption, change and opportunity to your business

[Keith Fenner] The third platform is currently described as the convergence of four technology trends on business. These trends are mobility, cloud, social and big data - they fundamentally change the way people and businesses relate to technology...

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James White
How small businesses can succeed with the cloud

How small businesses can succeed with the cloud[James White] In today's ever-changing, technologically-driven world, the notion of adopting new technologies is an intimidating and frightening thought for many businesses...

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Brent Lees
Top 5 IT Trends/Predictions for 2015

[Brent Lees] Top 5 IT predictions for 2015: Will it be security breaches or hybrid infrastructures that creates challenges?

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Neil Cameron
To build smart cities, we need smart buildings

[Neil Cameron] As the global urbanisation trend picks up, smart cities are emerging...

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Elaine Wang
Before you move your business to the cloud

[Elaine Wang] The South African digital economy is booming - with rapidly decreasing prices of connectivity, coupled with more and more cheap and cheerful entrants into the smartphone game, the average South African is now more exposed to cloud computing than ever before...

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David King
Three ICT trends to watch in 2015

[David King] 2015 is only a few weeks away and it promises to be yet another exciting and eventful year for the telecoms industry...

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Lindsay Britz
Five reasons why CRM projects flop

[Lindsay Britz] Businesses employ CRM applications to improve efficiency between departments, leverage cross-sell and up-sell opportunities and increase customer satisfaction by providing convenient access to relevant customer data throughout customer-related processes. However, making CRM data and processes available throughout the enterprise is not easy.

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Amit Parbhucharan
How to be sure that your company is ready for POPI

[Amit Parbhucharan] The days of organisations collecting and selling private user data to third parties in South Africa are numbered, and that's a good thing for our privacy concerns.

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