Lindsay Britz
Nine tips for successful CRM integration projects

[Lindsay Britz] Because of the complexity of the projects and their impact on all customer-related business processes, CRM integration projects can be very risky...

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Bryan Balfe
Disaster recovery: past, present, and future

[Bryan Balfe] It's become almost trite to talk about how the cloud is transformative across a range of IT markets and business functions. Disaster recovery has been around for decades, but typically fallen 'below the line' on many IT departments' priorities lists due to lack of budget, time, or know-how.

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Saurabh Kumar
Protecting the enterprise from evolving cybercrime attacks

[Saurabh Kumar] High-profile cyber-attacks on blue-chip global companies have sent shockwaves around the technology industry. It's clear that threats in the digital era are morphing - becoming ever more sophisticated and destructive...

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Aaron Thornton
Three security issues to consider when using public Wi-Fi

[Aaron Thornton] Public Wi-Fi is almost everywhere nowadays - and while it's convenient to use, there are hidden security risks you should know about...

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Aaron Thornton
Five ways to keep your mobile devices secure

Five ways to keep your mobile devices secure[Aaron Thornton] It seems like every time you turn on the news lately, there are more stories of companies having their data stolen or corporate networks being hacked into...

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Saurabh Kumar
Bring your own anything

Bring your own anything[Saurabh Kumar] Wearable technology is one of the next great frontiers of innovation. Starting with things like wristbands, watches and glasses, this emerging domain seems set to evolve over the coming years - with a variety of enhanced, connected, wearable items hitting the market.

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Saurabh Kumar
Building a stairway to the cloud

Building a stairway to the cloud[Saurabh Kumar] For many South African firms, making the giant leap to a fully-hosted, fully-outsourced cloud environment is still a daunting idea...

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Saurabh Kumar
5 Hot tech trends for 2015

[Saurabh Kumar] Every year the technology industry debates which technologies will 'breakthrough' in the coming year and become dominant trends that reshape industries and consumer behaviour...

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Saurabh Kumar
Tackling the IT skills crisis in SA

Tackling the IT skills crisis in SA[Saurabh Kumar] Enterprise technology adoption in South Africa is developing at a strong rate...

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Saurabh Kumar
SOA remains critical to business agility and transformation

[Saurabh Kumar] The term service-oriented architecture (SOA) has fallen out of the everyday IT lexicon in recent years and has been replaced by the more on-trend buzzwords of cloud computing, big data, mobile-first, and the social enterprise...

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Neil Cameron
One security platform to rule them all?

[Neil Cameron] Each type of facility is different so it needs a different security solution...

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Steven Cohen
10 tips for keeping your data safe in the cloud

[Steven Cohen] If you choose a credible cloud software provider, it will host your accounting or payroll applications and data in a secure data centre underpinned by world-class technology...

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Anamika Budree
SMBs: Data without borders, back-up without worries

[Anamika Budree] The world is becoming more and more digital. Even in smaller companies not directly operating in the technology industry, a great amount of data is created for every single process...

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Perry Hutton
Health-care industry - the next cybercrime target?

Health-care industry - the next cybercrime target?[Perry Hutton] Health-care systems, from electronic health records to medical devices, are more vulnerable than many of us realise - and the stakes are too high to ignore...

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Roane Swindon
How to back up your files

[Roane Swindon] In our digital age, hard copies are generally a thing of the past unless you're paranoid...

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Sufyan Mkwanda
Microsoft has finally listened: Windows 10 is here

[Sufyan Mkwanda] If you are like me and adapt to change easily you will love this post. If not, you will have to broaden your horizons and adapt as technology is constantly changing...

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Sufyan Mkwanda
On premises vs the cloud - What to consider before migrating contact centres

[Sufyan Mkwanda] The cloud is currently one of the biggest buzzwords, or some may say 'IT jargon', in the IT space, and is also the topic of many business discussions around the contact centre environment...

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Lionel Moyal
Mobile apps help government connect with citizens, enhance service delivery

[Lionel Moyal] Smart cities are fast becoming a reality across the globe, driven by the interconnectedness of devices that communicate and provide information that leads to intelligent automation, decision and actions...

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Evan-Lee Courie
Hisense launches revolutionary tablet and smartphone

[Evan-Lee Courie] Hisense is set to revolutionise South Africa's tablet market with the introduction of the Sero 8 Pro (F5281), reportedly the thinnest Android tablet in the country to date; as well as what is described as 'the most affordable metal smartphone in South Africa'...

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Mitchell Barker
What does Unified Communications mean for VoIP?

[Mitchell Barker] After seeing a television commercial for Apple's new iPhone 6, a friend in the US noted that it featured someone speaking on the handset and then quipped: "People actually still do that?"...

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