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John Mc Loughlin
When your good guy goes bad

[John Mc Loughlin] One of our clients recently ousted one of its most trusted employees, who had been using the company's clients, intellectual property and contacts to run his own business, in direct competition with his current employer.

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Sven Woxholt
Cloud security tips for SMEs

[Sven Woxholt] Information security is top of mind for SMEs as they rely more and more on digital services and applications to get their work done. Many are turning towards cloud services to reduce IT infrastructure costs and to turn patching applications, securing data and running servers into someone else's problem.

Posted 12 days ago | Like
Kerry Evans
The fundamentals for unbreakable business bonds

The fundamentals for unbreakable business bonds[Kerry Evans] Forming long-lasting business partnerships is a task that requires the building of strong and trusting bonds between IT and business. There are some fundamental tips IT needs to follow if it is going to form strong business partnerships that last.

Posted 19 days ago | Like
Gary Allemann
Big data highlights need for data management education and skills

[Gary Allemann] Big data is currently one of the most talked about megatrends affecting the business world, along with cloud computing, customer centricity and data-centric legislation, such as the Protection of Personal Information (PoPI) Act.

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Stuart Gonsal
How to tie in EBay to your e-commerce strategy

[Stuart Gonsal] Of all e-commerce-related websites there is little doubt that EBay is the biggest. It's hard now to imagine a world in which EBay doesn't exist; so many of us have become reliant on the auction site to sell unwanted items and to purchase stuff that we do want on the cheap.

Posted 1 month ago | Like
Charles Mburugu
How to clean and speed up your Mac

[Charles Mburugu] After some time of usage, the performance of your Mac is likely to deteriorate. When this happens, you will need to take measures to revive your machine and improve its performance.

Posted 1 month ago | Like
Bryan Balfe
Big data is an information management issue, not a storage issue

[Bryan Balfe] Right now, big data is one of the most heard buzzwords in IT, next to cloud, analytics and mobile. So far, most of the discussions about big data focus on storage.

Posted 1 month ago | Like
Brent Lees
Unified communications: maintaining optimal performance

Unified communications: maintaining optimal performance[Brent Lees] The enterprise work environment has changed dramatically. Long gone are the days when business was confined to desktop PCs and a 9-5 working day. Today, the explosion of online, social and mobile technologies has paved the way for a 24/7 global workplace, with the distributed workforce viewed as a critical business enabler.

Posted 1 month ago | Like
Bryan Balfe
Big data becomes big intelligence

[Bryan Balfe] Big data has become a reality; however it is not the same reality for every company or every user.

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Bryan Balfe
Adapting to change in a virtual world

Adapting to change in a virtual world[Bryan Balfe] It should come as no surprise that the biggest technological impacts on IT departments in 2013 were mobile and big data. Both issues also dominated conversations in the storage arena last year and with employees now increasingly working remotely, it's highly likely that 2014 will see more and more organisations struggling to manage large volumes of data.

Posted 3 months ago | Like
Bryan Balfe
Will software-defined storage impact on data protection?

Will software-defined storage impact on data protection?[Bryan Balfe] "Software-defined storage" is the new buzz phrase in the cloud world and, as usual, vendor after vendor is jumping onto it. In the case of storage, you have "system" vendors on one side looking to defend their proprietary stance whilst newer, software-only companies look to turn storage hardware into a commodity. For those with an interest in data management, it begs the question: Will software-defined storage replace data management?

Posted 3 months ago | Like
Paul Divall
Is it time for Ultra HD?

[Paul Divall] Ultra High Definition (UHD) is here and it is beautiful. At 2160p compared to Full HD's 1080p - that's roughly four times the amount of pixels and 60 frames per second, not 24 - it's a "see it to believe it" kind of experience.

Posted 2 months ago | Like
Peter Davidson
Hunt down scareware malware

[Peter Davidson] Many computer users may not realise that their machines have been infected with scareware until it is too late. As this problem has been around for at least the past decade it is important to be aware of the distress and destruction it can cause.

Posted 2 months ago | Like
Gary Allemann
Five Big Data myths busted

[Gary Allemann] With all the hype around big data it's not surprising that people are confused.

Posted 2 months ago | Like
Jerker Hellström
Rugged computers are more than just "hard shells"

[Jerker Hellström] Even professional users of rugged laptops, tablets and smartphones are sometimes unsure of what defines a "rugged computer" and how the various tests to validate ruggedness are carried out. A truly rugged computer is so much more than just a normal computer wrapped in a tough outer case.

Posted 3 months ago | Like
Peter Davidson
Top free Android apps

[Peter Davidson] Navigating the Android app market can be daunting, unless you know exactly what apps you are looking for. Searching for a particular type of app can sometimes yield hundreds of results, without you knowing which ones might be better than others.

Posted 4 months ago | Like
Christo Briedenhann
How to foster innovation and become a transformer

[Christo Briedenhann] Christo Briedenhann, regional director of Riverbed Technology, offers six top tips on how CIOs can transform their IT infrastructure amidst the fast-paced change of the technology landscape.

Posted 4 months ago | Like
Christo Briedenhann
Time to become a transformer and embrace data centre transformation

Time to become a transformer and embrace data centre transformation[Christo Briedenhann] The successful implementation of "game changing" transformational technology lies in the back office. Meet the 25% of organisations that are maximising their IT investments, delivering ROI and getting it right.

Posted 5 months ago | Like
Christo Briedenhann
Building a distributed global enterprise: the role of technology

Building a distributed global enterprise: the role of technology[Christo Briedenhann] Thanks to the explosion of online, social and mobile technologies, organisations are increasingly able to operate from multiple locations and on multiple time zones.

Posted 6 months ago | Like
Danette Breitenbach
Let's chat

Let's chat[Danette Breitenbach] When the official launch party took place recently, what was very interesting was its launch platform.

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