Liezel Visser
Seven investment terms defined for the novice investor

[Liezel Visser] A few terms that might assist you in making acquaintance with the somewhat daunting, but always interesting world of investing...

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Struan Robertson
Creating order in the office - Meredith Harington

[Struan Robertson] What the office looks and feels like and how you conduct and manage your business is interlinked. Disorder in either or both of these areas can be unpleasant and costly or, at the very least, result in "settling for less"...

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Carey van Vlaanderen
Criminals are targeting SMEs to file fraudulent tax returns

[Carey van Vlaanderen] It is a well-known fact that attackers like to find low hanging fruit in order to get into an organisation's juiciest targets...

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New rules applicable to income protection policies

[Rob Cooper] As of the latest tax year, companies are still struggling to come to grips with the consequences of the changes...

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Sophie Baker
Choosing an insurer for your business: What to consider

Choosing an insurer for your business: What to consider[Sophie Baker] Much like car insurance, business insurance companies are a dime a dozen...

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Desiree Goodwin
Withholding Tax on Interest (WTI) - Meredith Harington

[Desiree Goodwin] WTI is a tax charged on interest paid from 1 March 2015 by any person to or for the benefit of a foreign person, from a source within South Africa. Desiree Goodwin explains the exemptions there are from it...

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Tanya Lochner
National Treasury intends to close RA tax loophole

[Tanya Lochner] In the foreseeable future retirement annuities will no longer fall outside of your estate for estate duty purposes, so bear that in mind when you do your clients' estate planning.

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Charles Mburugu
6 Things to consider before investing abroad

6 Things to consider before investing abroad[Charles Mburugu] When it comes to making investments, you have a lot of different options...

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Nicci Botha
Keeping Africa's star on the rise

Ajen Sita, CEO of EY AfricaAjen Sita, CEO of EY Africa
[Nicci Botha] The continent is at a crossroads, and if the current "Africa Rising" narrative is to sustain itself, critical choices have to be made in order to continue its economic growth, according to the EY Africa Attractiveness Survey...

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Glen Bresler
The new tax-free investments regime: Benefits to you and your children - Meredith Harington

[Glen Bresler] In an effort to encourage savings by ordinary South African households, the Minister of Finance has introduced the new concept of a "tax-free investment" which offers considerable benefits...

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Madelein van der Watt
Overview of the basics of employer tax

[Madelein van der Watt] By starting a business, you're helping to create jobs, contributing towards skills development, and even inspiring other entrepreneurs...

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Struan Robertson
Understanding your company's annual financial statements - Meredith Harington

[Struan Robertson] The intention of this article is to highlight a few areas for consideration with regard to understanding the company's annual financial statements (AFS) and the usefulness thereof...

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Rikus Visser
Finding the right recruit - Meredith Harington

[Rikus Visser] One thing is certain: the cost of hiring the wrong employee is substantially greater than the cost of following a decent recruiting process. Here are some basic (but often forgotten) tips in finding the right recruit...

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Dr Adrian Saville
How many JSE-listers do you think beat the last downturn?

How many JSE-listers do you think beat the last downturn?[Dr Adrian Saville] Of the more than 1,000 companies surveyed in our research, just a handful of JSE-listed companies managed to sustain and grow earnings between 1997 and 2013...

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Sophie Baker
How to choose a bank

How to choose a bank[Sophie Baker] Now that you've decided to start your own business, you're going to need a bank account for it. Sounds easy, right? Until you realise you have multiple options and no idea which is the best fit for you. Here are some things to consider before you make your decision...

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Graeme Palmer
Tax benefits of public-private partnerships

Tax benefits of public-private partnerships[Graeme Palmer] It is becoming commonplace for government to enter into arrangements with a private party where the government provides land for the construction or improvements to buildings by the private party without parting with ownership of the land...

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Pascale Butcher
Stop, focus and take control of your profit - Meredith Harington

[Pascale Butcher] Business 101 - Profit is what's left over after you've paid all your expenses. It is a consequence of what happens in and to your business. Some of these things are within your control and some of them are not...

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Ross Pennell
QROPS: the benefits of retiring in SA for UK expats

[Ross Pennell] As leading economists and governments continue to warn of bleak economic times ahead, financial experts believe that Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes, or QROPS, can help UK expatriates be comparatively resilient through tough economic conditions.

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Carl Roothman
Time to debunk the myths of market volatility

Time to debunk the myths of market volatility[Carl Roothman] Nassim Taleb, renowned author and fierce critic of all who take comfort in statistics, once chose the snappy title of 'We Don't Quite Know What We are Talking About When We Talk About Volatility' for one of his papers...

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Struan Robertson
Chaos is costly but compliance creates opportunity - Meredith Harington

[Struan Robertson] The regulatory environment is extremely taxing (pun mostly intended). Consider from afar the effects of these regulations on companies in South Africa, the cost of not complying, potential internal issues and the opportunities presented...

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